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AirCommodore Mar 23, 2011

<3 that's hilarious.

As far as I can tell, there's quite a few torrents of L'Illusionniste out there. I'ven't had the time (or internet access) to look into any, but I doubt they're all bad. And that it's a silent film is nice- my French comprehension is too spotty for me to fully understand any media not intended for children >_<

AirCommodore Mar 5, 2011

Yeah! That's one of my friend's favorites, too. Whenever he's drunk he forgets that he's already shown it to me, and insists I watch it.

Ooh, that looks good. It's going on my internal Want to Watch list. I'm sure there's some way to procure it- perhaps downloading the film and the subtitles separately?

AirCommodore Mar 2, 2011


Your post may have opened the flood gates, for my posting these sorts of things to you.

AirCommodore Feb 25, 2011

You mean the Uncanny Valley? Claymation always falls short of that for me, but I see where you're coming from.

AirCommodore Feb 24, 2011

The sig is art by this artist: http://kumaori.info/ (the site isn't in english, but if you just click around on all the thumbnails, you should be able to see everything).

And if for some reason you want to rekindle your claymation=freaky/creepy opinion, you should look into Live Freaky, Die Freaky. It's a musical about Charles Manson.