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JaneTheKiller May 15, 2019

hey, u wanna be friends?

Nitroglycerin Apr 11, 2019


i have only just seen your comment since I rarely use the actual site (except to update the odd episode here or there). 

I donuse goodreads, but that’s all. Other books sites don’t interest me since I’ve had my GR account so long. I do read a wide varied genres of books. I don’t find one better than the other. We do have a thread on the forum for book discussion which doesn’t get used much as few people besides like 3 of us read. And we forget it exists. Primarily I use Instagram for talking about books. I should maybe work on reviving the thread. Anyway. You’re welcome to pop by there anytime and discuss what you’re reading! 


Hope you’re enjoying AP! 

JadedDragos Mar 31, 2019

Yeah, I like his style and the fact he put a major twist on vampires. His style mostly though or else I wouldnt of read his House of Doors series. I mean Kings not bad, I can just watch his movies better then I can read the books haha(I know it's bad).

JadedDragos Mar 27, 2019

I haven't read any, but I probably would check out Lovecraft stuff. Lumely is just the one that clicked with me. I've tried to read others that King and what not, and they just didn't work for me.

Lizardbitch Mar 25, 2019

 Aww! Thank you so much! It was just an adorable show. By far one of my most favorite anime to watch over and over, like FLCL. 

You are awesome yourself. 

And, thank you as well. It's a nickname given to me by my sisters when they were mad and it just stuck. Everyone seems to love it and I love responding to it. =P