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All opinions are welcomed. If you have a Manga or Anime that you want me to check out, just let me know ^^

How I rate:

5- Amazing!

4.5- Excellent!

4- Average

3.5- Not my cup of tea, but was okay

3- Meh, just wasted my time

2.5 or below- Trash

First Anime: Hyouka

I really love Oreki's smile. If only he'd smile more-


First Manhwa: True Beauty

If Jugyeong doesn't want Suho, I might as well take him for myself


First Manga: Orange

This hit me right in the feels 

Favorite Office Romance: The Devious New Employee

Mr. Ma and Jieun are just so 🥰

Favorite Reverse Harem: Dating With A Tail

I hope Yunha ends up with her boss 

Favorite Completed Manga: A Good Day To Be A Dog

This is actually one of the few that I have went back to reread

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osaka Mar 2, 2021

good taste!

And mine favourite characters are i think I would say from males- Howl from howl's moving castle,
Dazai Osamu from bungous stray dogs but I prefer him when he was in port mafia and not in agency,
Gojo Satoru maybe? from jujutsu kaisen, Daisuke Kanbe from fugou keiji: balance: unlimited and

from female characters- zero two from darling in the franxx, Kirari Mmomobami from kakegurui, Violet Evergarden from Violet Evergadren xD maybe?,
Susamaru- she is a demon from kimetsu no yaiba and the best demon ever- Spider mother also from demon slayer! <3

osaka Mar 1, 2021

hey hey! Thank you so much for follow! Hope you have a good day/night/evening?! So- which is your favourite manga or anime if I can ask?? :D

Or maybe you have your favourite character??

LUCIIIIII Feb 28, 2021

Your welcome!! ^^  Thanks for following too :)

Yeah I agree Navier deserves better 😡 

LUCIIIIII Feb 27, 2021

Me too lets kick Rashta out of the palace for once!!

r/manhwa - [Title : Remarried Empress] that freaking TRASHTA AND THE EMPEROR annoyed me every freaking chapter !!!! But I recommend this for you who have a high patience or else you might broke your phone cause that freaking trashta, overall it’s good I can’t wait for the empress to remarried xD

LUCIIIIII Feb 27, 2021

Haha yeah ^^

The meme of Heidi is super funny lol

m — can we talk about the memes they put about trashta...