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My review was talking about hated characters of all time 

Least favorite anime:

School days 5 out of 10

Favorite anime:

Naruto 8 out of 10

RACHAEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DAMN YOU!!!!!!!!!!!


Beware of the Haters in anime

Makoto was foolish just like Chris Thorndyke from Sonic x

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I'm not a fan of these characters

See all hated characters


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KomuroTaka Jul 23, 2022

tomoya and makoto are absolute foils to each other

KaedeAkamatsuSimp384 Feb 5, 2022

lol you commented abt mineta being annoying when he went into the girls bathroom

but your name is hentaipro-

aren't you more of a perv then mineta then🤣🤣

HentAiPr0tagonist Jan 7, 2022

I just only picked haters of these characters because character are unlikeable.