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Aug 1, 2017

Where does one start with something of the Fate Franchise?  Honestly, I have probably teh hardest time getting into any of them beyond the ones I found somewhat entertaining.  Here's something for anyone who's going to get annoyed at me:

Fate Experiences:

  • I like Deen Stay night.
  • I am not a fan of Urobuchi, and therefore am not the hugest fan of Fate Zero.
  • I did not watch the UBW as well as others might by UFOtable, but it was rather pretty with a lot of things that didn't really entertain me.
  • I really believe more in fate prototype getting an anime.

So, I'll start with a plot.  Basically there is an alternate universe where the grail was stolen and there's this sort of master servant army effort to get it back.  Each team has a specific color and set of masters that are involved.  However, there is a servant being the judge of this sort of Holy Crusade for the Grail.  And thus begins the convolution of light novel alternate universe.

Let's start positive.


  • The animation is very nice and pretty fluid I guess?  I can't judge it that well.
  • The character designs are all very unique in that you can tell the difference.
  • The characters have a personality, however bland they might be.
  • The story is solid enough to allow someone to enter it.

The animation and art is pretty, but that can't really be everything to a show.  I like the designs and the characters don't all look the same.  Even if they do look strange, you can tell who is who in this case.

As for the characters, they do have a personality.  However... It's only when the show cares to allow it any screen time.  Like, for example, Frankenstein and her master are basically talking around flowers most of the time.  That or breaking rocks I guess?  Seigfried's is basically the butt or weak link of some sort of the other group?  That's not even getting to the whole thing with the neromancer master and servant that basically keep staying in graveyards while waiting for a fight.  Granted, they have more personality than some of the other characters... but they had more screen time for it.

As for the story, there is a solid story.  However, it's not one you can just get into without any previous knowledge.  Knowing what a grail war is kind of is more important to this story, especially because it's...  an exception to a normal one.  Otherwise, the story does at least try to tell you what's going on, but it often feels fragmented and the pace of each side is often cut off for another.  It may come together in the end, but Baccano/Durarara or any sort of "multiple plot" stories need to come together.

Now for the negatives.


  • You really need FSN knowledge, especially from deen stay night or the visual novel to know what a grail war is.  I guess you can look it up, but it won't impact the same way.
  • There are too many characters to actually feel for too many of them. 
  • The music is there but it's...  Just there?
  • There's an air of just being boring along with strange pacing?

Like I sort of started before, you really need the basics of a grail war to understand the first episode.  I'm not saying this as an insult, but...  This is one alternate universe that will confuse you if you just watch this.  You could try Zero or the UFOtable UBW...  but it won't have the same explanation.  You could also just play the VN.  I can't with my current tech, but maybe that'll give you a good explanation.

That being said, there is a thing about character balance.  Because of there being more than fifteen important people, there's not a lot of room for every character to be explored.  I think that the masters of archer and Frankenstein are always given very short scenes.  Darnic for all his crazy backstory, has yet to do anything more than sort of stand there and be evil.  That and Caster is basically golem crazy?  It's hard to tell.  There's just too many characters.

Then there's the music.  Well, it exists and it's not bad.  It's not amazing either.  It reminds me of how I reacted to the openings of the Ufotable UBW.  It is a nice song, but the endings and Kajiura's music felt like there was more there than this was an anime opening thing.  As for the music outside of the openings and and endings, it exists and I can't really remember it.

As for the last point...  The story really does bore me a bit.  There's a lack of care about what is going to happen. Now, perhaps I should have read the source material?  However, this adaptation is nice for someone who knows fate enough to have the basics down. If you think it is entertaining, then stay with it.  After five episodes, I just can't feel a reason to watch servant Ruler and Priest Kotomine Shiro any longer.

7/10 story
9/10 animation
6/10 sound
6/10 characters
7/10 overall

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