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Characters that dance primarily Ballet in their respective titles.

Bond of Names

Features manhwa, manga, and light novels that feature a bond through the name being somewhere on the body. This bond does not have to be romance, but it has to be a part of the main plot or world.

Danganronpa Anime

Anime based on the Danganronpa Anime

Danganronpa Manga

Manga based on the Danganronpa franchise.

Dom/Sub Universe Dom Characters

Characters that have specifically the Dom gender trait in the Dom/Sub Universe. Note any characters with sub mix are referencing specific manga that use that as a plot point.

Dom/Sub Universe Sub Characters

Characters that have specifically the Sub gender trait in the Dom/Sub Universe.

E-Sports Optional

Characters that are involved with E-Sports, but the title isn't centered on it.

Guides and Espers

Features titles that focus on the relationship between a Guide and an Esper. The main pairing for any title in this has to be the Guide and an Esper.

.Hack Anime Watch Order

How to watch the .Hack franchise in plot order. Note that not all reading relations may be available to mark, but I highly recommend reading them if you are interested.

.Hack Reading Order

How to read the .Hack Light Novels and Manga in plot order.