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njter77 Feb 13, 2023

How do I display manhwa chapters on the Anime Planet website?

I added it to one of the lists and pressed the novel on the yellow button (want to read) and then how do the chapters appear to me!

Sorry if there are any spelling errors, I don't speak English

ActualLee Nov 22, 2022

Mate with all the anime you've seen and manga you've read gotta make some more lists so I can get some recs 

HiyomiBiki Aug 24, 2022

Ah I feel sorry for you. I've never played genshin impact,but i've watch gamers play on youtube or streaming which was very fun.

Mostly, i play old classic game for example are Naruto, Pokemon, One piece etc. Especially pokemon i really like play this game, which this i also play game, read manga and watch anime.

But lately, i don't have much time because i'm tutoring for exams to find a job.

and thank you for follow me. Have a nice day/night ^_^.

HiyomiBiki Aug 22, 2022

Hi! Hayane ^^  nice to meet you, I'm following you now.

your avatar look so cool and your header photo look so cute.