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                       (my husbandos if I were into guys)                                              (and my waifu Elsie of course)                                                           

Hi, my name is Phil and I'm a high school student, I'm American/Thai 

I really enjoy watching all kinds of anime but with my godly time management skills I am still able to watch anime while doing the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program at the same time :D

I started watching anime because I was very bored at a Thai bootcamp during afterhours in the Summer of 2016, a fellow comrade suggested I watch anime to kill some time so I took the liberty of watching some and fell in love with anime ever since 

Not so fun fact: My birthday is 9/9/1999

My Favorite types of anime are psychological and thrillers

My all time favorite anime is Re:Zero 

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Here are some of my favorites from different genres (Listed genre found on MyAnimeList.net)

                 Sci-Fi: Stein's;Gate                                                            Psychological: Future Diary



Harem: Grisaia/Labyrinth/Eden of Grisaia                                              Comedy: Prison School


        Romance: My Teen Romantic Comedy                                                            Horror: Another 



                               Drama: Clannad                                                                     Seinen: Drifters                                                             

Image result for clannad            Image result for Drifters                                                                                            


Some of my other favorite characters 

                     Kazami Yuuji                                                                                        Amakusa Shino    Related image                 Image result for Amakusa shino gif

                               Gakuto                                                                                           Yoichi Nasu                                                                                   

        Image result for Gakuto gif                        Image result for Yoichi Nasu gif

                                Hikigaya Komachi                                                                   Kougami Shinya 

                   Image result for komachi gif                            Image result for kougami shinya gif

                          Miyamura Toranosuke                                                                   Sakaki Yumiko

              Related image     Image result for Yumiko Sakaki gif

             Image result for Miyamura toranosuke gif       Image result for Yumiko Sakaki gif

                                                                     Kanie Seiya & Sento Isuzu 

     Embarrassed GIF           Anime GIF

                                   Ludmila lourie                                                                      Anna Nishikinomiya

      Image result for Ludmila lourie gif        Image result for anna nishikinomiya gif


  Image result for Nine gif terror

Image result for Nine gif terror


Favorite Openings 

               Future Diary            Gunslinger Girl          When They Cry


            Black Bullet - Crisis Point     SAO - She Has To Overcome Her Fear    Deadman Wonderland - OST 3

I also play video games especially League of Legends on NA servers, be sure to drop a message if you want someone to play with :)

I love to chat so feel free to on me on:

Discord: Hatorii#3400

Skype: phillippe-1999

Head Tilts <3

 anime happy smile hyouka chitanda GIF

Image result for anime head tilt gif

Image result for anime head tilt gif Watch This till the end :)

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FullmetalDragon Aug 31, 2018

Haha, anything to save a bit of money :P Especially since you're going to college in America, damn those places are expensive. I never quite appreciated how good their scholarships are though, I have a friend going on a hockey scholarship and she literally only has to pay for food. Maybe I should have applied for one. If I was actually good at any sport... Wow, that's amazing! Holy crap you're good at golf XD

Well, I got 4 As in my A levels, so I can't have done that badly :P I'm a bit annoyed, since I was hoping for at least 1 A*, but Bristol still accepted me, so who am I to complain? :D Damn, shame to hear about your friend. It's such a pain when they make the exams unnecessarily hard. Haha, nothing wrong with being an average anime protagonist, aren't they the one's that always get the huge harem? :P Yeah, I mean, you might as well retake them given you have the opportunity. It'll be good to keep your hand in with maths anyway. I swear, two months of no maths and I've already forgotten everything. What are numbers again? I think the + sign did something as well. I'm sure... :P

Oh thank god. Then you finally get freedom!! Guess they save the worst tourture for last though, huh? T_T Omg, yeah, I remember, I was in pain just from the thought of it, I can't imagine how bad it is to go through. I'm glad to hear the end is in sight though. Then you can finally get on with conquering the golf world :P

Draiga Aug 30, 2018

Image result for thank you anime gif

Thank u For Following me 
I hope i can learn more about animes from u 
Lets be friends

xkuhaku Aug 1, 2018

Hey! Ehem~ I did quite well on my exams if i do say so myself~ haha love boosting my nonexistent ego <3

I'm glad to hear that you're improving AND having fun with it! I shall give you my virtual support!

Regarding my BMW... Haha, well~ lets just say my friend was being stupid and just wasnt herself when she hit my car with hers >.> Oh nice! But yah, I actually just recently got myself a new car! It's the 2018 golf gti and gosh i am in love!!!

Don't worry about the parties LOL I'm not a huge partyer myself. I'm usually DD if anything. I'm just sayin we have a nice student body within our campus haha. But we do have great music-like festivals which is quite exciting. Im totally the same with sleeping! I just cant do all nighters for my life. I get real cranky and feel like shit so I'd rather get as much studying done and sleep. Rather than going all out with studying with no sleep. I feel (as well as most people should) that I function better if I have at least a nap.

Of course! Just hit me up and I'll try getting back to you asap :) Good luck on your summer military training! 

FullmetalDragon Jul 30, 2018

Haha, yeah, I had some fun papers this year. I'm so glad it's all over T_T Oh wow, I didn't know you were that into golf, that's awesome! Have you done much competing yet then? Hopefully you'll get a clearer picture of what you want in your gap year, and if not, at least with American unis you don't have to commit to a particular path for ages! 

The last few exams were a pretty mixed bag. The last physics paper pretty much killed any hope I have of getting a decent grade, so I might have to change fields... Chemistry went surprisingly well, maybe I'll go down that route :P I mean, technically I have all my offers (I've gone for Bristol with UCL as back up), but I don't find if I did well enough for them until 16th August. I'm just trying not to think too hard about it for now T_T When do you hear back about your results?

Military training again?? Why??? Please tell me this is the last time D:

ryzeofteddeh Jul 22, 2018

Thanks for following back ^.^

I am having a good day thanks, hope you are doing good and having a great day as well :)