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                       (my husbandos if I were into guys)                                              (and my waifu Elsie of course)                                                           

Hi, my name is Phil and I'm a high school student, I'm American/Thai 

I really enjoy watching all kinds of anime but with my godly time management skills I am still able to watch anime while doing the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program at the same time :D

I started watching anime because I was very bored at a Thai bootcamp during afterhours in the Summer of 2016, a fellow comrade suggested I watch anime to kill some time so I took the liberty of watching some and fell in love with anime ever since 

Not so fun fact: My birthday is 9/9/1999

My Favorite types of anime are psychological and thrillers

My all time favorite anime is Re:Zero 

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Here are some of my favorites from different genres (Listed genre found on MyAnimeList.net)

                 Sci-Fi: Stein's;Gate                                                            Psychological: Future Diary



Harem: Grisaia/Labyrinth/Eden of Grisaia                                              Comedy: Prison School


        Romance: My Teen Romantic Comedy                                                            Horror: Another 



                               Drama: Clannad                                                                     Seinen: Drifters                                                             

Image result for clannad            Image result for Drifters                                                                                            


Some of my other favorite characters 

                     Kazami Yuuji                                                                                        Amakusa Shino    Related image                 Image result for Amakusa shino gif

                               Gakuto                                                                                           Yoichi Nasu                                                                                   

        Image result for Gakuto gif                        Image result for Yoichi Nasu gif

                                Hikigaya Komachi                                                                   Kougami Shinya 

                   Image result for komachi gif                            Image result for kougami shinya gif

                          Miyamura Toranosuke                                                                   Sakaki Yumiko

              Related image     Image result for Yumiko Sakaki gif

             Image result for Miyamura toranosuke gif       Image result for Yumiko Sakaki gif

                                                                     Kanie Seiya & Sento Isuzu 

     Embarrassed GIF           Anime GIF

                                   Ludmila lourie                                                                      Anna Nishikinomiya

      Image result for Ludmila lourie gif        Image result for anna nishikinomiya gif


  Image result for Nine gif terror

Image result for Nine gif terror


Favorite Openings 

               Future Diary            Gunslinger Girl          When They Cry


            Black Bullet - Crisis Point     SAO - She Has To Overcome Her Fear    Deadman Wonderland - OST 3

I also play video games especially League of Legends on NA servers, be sure to drop a message if you want someone to play with :)

I love to chat so feel free to on me on:

Discord: Hatorii#3400

Skype: phillippe-1999

Head Tilts <3

 anime happy smile hyouka chitanda GIF

Image result for anime head tilt gif

Image result for anime head tilt gif Watch This till the end :)

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xkuhaku Sep 18, 2019

Our route was (Japan) Tokyo > Hakone > Kyoto > Osaka > Tokyo > (Korea) Yong-in > Itaewon > Seoul

Within all those cities we did a whole bunch of stuff I just can't name em all. But yes we had so much fun! But it was really humid there so that wasn't as fun haha.

Ooh Vegas~ Nice. Happy belated birthday!! Im glad to hear you had an amazing time ^^ My sister moved to Ann Arbor, Michigan for her grad school. We also passed by Ontario, Canada for couple hours just to see what it was like before we left back to Cali. We had their poutine and left hahaha

Yeah the stress is a little better now that I had a part-time at least. I'm still looking for other opportunities but we'll see. Yeah! You should def check out Demon Slayer. My profile pic is actually one of the chars in it and is currently my favorite male character <3

I'm glad you're doing well and practicing on making food :) Food is def v important when living alone.

xkuhaku Sep 9, 2019

Hey! It's been awhile~ Yes, we left Japan/Korea on Aug 12th! It was so fun and I already wanna go back. The one thing though is that I feel like I have an appetite of a king now because the food quality in Japan is just too high! I've been eating sushi and meat here in America and all I've been getting are feelings of disappointment and unsatisfaction..

Oh! Where is the US are you visiting?? I'm glad to hear you enjoyed Korea even if it was for a short while.

I've been kind of busy with job hunting now that I'm done with vacation. However, I'm still out of town with family at the moment and because of that I guess I've been stressed out with finding jobs especially when I'm not even at home. Right when we arrived home one the 12th from Korea my family needed to help my sister move to Michigan the day after for school and help her settle in. We're still in Michigan even now so I'm ready to go home and work lol I think it's because I've been so busy I haven't really been watching/reading anything lately but I do occassionally try to keep up with Kimetsu no Yaiba with a friend of mine online.

First world problems right? I know.. jkjk hahaha

Hope you are doing well and good luck with school!!

xkuhaku Apr 15, 2019

We were thinking of staying for a week in Japan! Wow your experience sounds amazing (ToT) My sister and I have made kind of like a check list on what we want to do/where we wanna go. So we'll have to see if we can fit most of what we want in just a week! I'd def keep the things you did in mind in case we end up checking it out as well~

I really feel like if I want to visit there, I'd need more than just a week to really see all the things there but my sister also wants to visit Korea for couple days after our visit to Japan to visit our grandmother :) And because of that I dont know how our schedule will be like until we actually get there (^^'')

Yes! Commencement is actually in June but yah it's slowly approaching :D

Ofc! I was thrilled to see you back and well~

xkuhaku Mar 25, 2019

Heya! I'm glad to hear you're doing better :D And I'm also planning on going to Japan soon with my sister in August after I graduate from college!! Omg yes~ please tell me about the trip! I wanna know what you did and steal some of your ideas for my trip too :P haha jk

And yes! Both life and Uni is treating me quite well lately~ just super busy so i havent been watching much anime lately :( But other than that my grades for this quarter were better than I expected and I'm pretty much prepping for graduation :D

No worries~ I'm just glad to hear youre doing a lot better now and am also glad to see youre back :)

WonderBoom Dec 25, 2018

Merry Holidays! Baccalaurea what now?