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xkuhaku Mar 13, 2018

Haha thats good then. As long as you know what needs to be done :) Oooo yay \(^o^)/ I knew you'd do well!! Yah you can never really study for English. You just have to go with it and write like your life depends on it :) Oh dang! Nah I get too scared to gamble. I get addicted to things quite easily and tbh I can totally see myself getting hooked so I try not to play at all if possible. Gambling is scary!! (/TnT)/ I remember I was playing with my family and I lost 20 bucks in two rounds with me not doing ANYTHING I was just... sitting there!! The dealer be revealing dem cards and I dont have any good cards on hand so they be like "Welp... Sucks to suck give me your money tyvm"

I'm like..

How'd I lose when I didnt do shit??!? And theyre all "Well... your cards arent high enough sooo... $$$ plx" While I'm confused asf they be looking through my wallet and my money with em

Whoa thats so cool! Space is mad interesting but I can never get the physics behind it. Wow thats great! May be one day you'll be able to tune my car haha. Ayyy Cali all dah way~ I go to UCR! It'd be cool if you also came! Even tho we're like the "sucky" UC tbh I think bc of that the people here are really nice with cooperating/helping each other to suceed unlike dem "better" schools who are competitive as hell and only think about their own success >.> OR thats just me being biased :D

Yah I steal my sister's Netflix account haha If you want you can ask your friends to split with you. That way it'll be cheaper for both of you and you can use it too. The Office is hilarious!! I would love to work at Dunder Mifflin just once to see how freakin boring it is to work there LOL

Haha glad we both agree. Yah it was quite the roller coaster. Oh! cool! Yah no matter what other people say, the anime that gets us started will always have a special place in our hearts :)

analyticalcoffee Mar 13, 2018

And with Death Parade, that's fine! Take your time :)

analyticalcoffee Mar 13, 2018

SYMBOLISM that's the word. What the fuck is symbolicism I'm tired, excuse me  

analyticalcoffee Mar 13, 2018

It probably will be helpful in the future, yes. 

Yes, that is actually exactly why I watch fluff anime xD Ahh, well. To start off, remember this is on the original; I haven't seen Brotherhood. The plot is inherently dark, but as it's from Bones, it's often presented in a comedic way. It works in a lot of places, but quite often; it doesn't work. It was sometimes difficult for me to watch, because I never knew what mood would be set, and in short (though it's too late for that now lmao), the tone was constantly changing. It's not necessarily a flaw; in fact a lot of people like that type of thing. But personally, I'm not a fan. However, to be fair, the comedy that was there was generally pretty good. The darker things....eh, there were some twisted things which I enjoyed, but overall, I just wish it were darker or more serious. That being said, the good may have outweighed what I didn't like. That's kind of a broad claim, but I really appreciate the characters, as I mentioned before. The minor and secondary characters usually had personality, and care put into them. I didn't necessarily enjoy a lot of the characters themselves, but as a writer, I genuinely appreciate the effort. The first bit was filled with filler type arcs which advanced the plot marginally and seemed to put stress on the symbolicism of brotherhood. Also, Edward easily gets attached to little girls easily for some reason, which I found kinda....funny? Amusing? I dunno. I loved a lot of the visuals, like some character designs/aesthetics, and the Ouroboros. I didn't really look at the animation much, but it seemed to work, and nothing really bothered me, so. Sometimes characters' motives weren't explained, and that was really awkward and confusing. To begin with, I didn't really care about the OST, but after a while, it became a thing that stuck with me, and I even learned a track on piano. Beaming Sunlight, for future reference, and just 'cause. It also created a world, and that world seemed unique and exclusive to the overall feel of Fullmetal Alchemist. There was also a lot of information, which is a problem I found with Noragami (also from Bones). There's just...a lot of references and terms and such. Sometimes I felt like that was due to lazy writing. To create a tern or rule of the universe you've created and then never reference it again. 

Dunno.  I have mixed feelings about it, and I don't think anything is ever perfect. I'd say give it a try if you're interested. It's not a bad anime, there are just things I didn't like. Also, I'm sorry for forcing you to read all of that, because.....I kinda gave you a full-on review, and it was a lot. Thank you if you took the time to read and digest that. 

Now, Hozuki's Coolheadedness. It's mostly episodic, and has two arcs per episode. It sets up the workings of the Japanese hell in the series and I suppose it's majorly about....well, Hozuki's cool-headedness; how he deals with things. I think I like the somewhat quippy dialogue most. My opinion on it isn't set in stone yet, as I've only seen half of it, but I definitely recommend it so far. 

analyticalcoffee Mar 11, 2018

I mean, I've never done any public speaking, myself (and I'm hoping I don't have to for a while) but honestly, I feel ya with the bit about small talk. I am so bad at it >-< My social life is nonexistent, and I am okay with that. I'm a shut-in lmao

Sweetness and Lightning was absolutely adorable; that's just the entire thing. It's fluff, but of the pleasing and entertaining variety. I finished FMA late last night/early this morning (I'm twelve hours behind you as far as time zones.) There was a lot of originality to the show, and I mostly loved how they did characters, specifically minor ones. I've yet to come to a determined opinion on whether I actually liked it or not, mainly because there were elements I liked and elements I didn't like so much. But again, it's original, and I respect that. I definitely want to rewatch it sometime. 

And I started watching Hozuki's Coolheadedness, because....let's be real, sadistic characters and dark humor. And it's super entertaining at this point. 

And let me know how that goes and what you think of it! ^-^