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analyticalcoffee Apr 9, 2018

Yeah, that doesn't sound great, but it is probably for the best. Ah, I've always been pretty aggressive, so I've never really had any friends like that. But eh, you know, as long as it's not toxic. Yes! I actually love bitter things. 85% dark chocolate is one of my favorites. That reminded me, one time, one of my dad's friends went to a local coffee shop and bought stuff for my family. He got tea for my mom and sister, as they don't drink coffee, the weakest coffee he could find for my dad, and got me, like, a red eye or something, and was just like "this.....this is for her". 

Ey, thank you, I shall. Yes, you're eleven hours ahead of me, so we'll....work that out. I mean, this has been working out pretty well, so it should be fine, and late responses are okay :) And ahh, I guess it's mostly an online thing xD thank you though! 

I'm six episodes in, and honestly, I've no idea what the hell is going on, but it's paced so well that I am entertained enough to want to finish watching it. So if it's more fun towards the middle and end, this is about to get really good for me. 

sushisushisushi Apr 8, 2018

your welcome :). uhh nothing really just school and normal stuff i guess.sorry about the most boringest replyever but ive got this site for me to enjoy though, thanks for asking .

how about you?.hows life? ;D

analyticalcoffee Apr 8, 2018

Well. Studying. That doesn't sound fun, but having some time for anime is really good. 

Ah! Validation! Feels good, thank you :D pfft, honestly, I have to say that sounds like true friendship. Comfortable couches are the downfall of every tired person though. I usually drink black coffee, but if I go out and get coffee it's usually a cappuccino or double to triple shot latte. As far as flavors, hazelnut, cinnamon, all the spice things (I love spices). Do you like coffee and tea? 

Thank you very much, I shall keep that in mind, but...probably nothing I'd like to share here, ya know? You left your Skype in your bio though, so if I might take up messaging there for support and such if that's good. Yay! I'm. Bad at making friends, so, validation is nice lmao 

Ey, that's good. I also started watching Durarara last night, so that's going pretty well. 

analyticalcoffee Apr 8, 2018

Hello! It's fine; I'm glad you got caught up on schoolwork and such, that's a great feeling. 

Yes, of course! Thank you for reading all of it, I know there's a lot sometimes. Phil disease, that's great xD I don't nap unless I'm very ill, but I do tend to sleep a lot, and am fairly irritable until I've had coffee (it always cheers me up and makes me reasonable).  

Not the best, but I've been getting along, thank you for asking. How are things with you? Weird as it sounds, I missed talking xD 

Also, I finished Hozuki's Coolheadedness some time ago and recently watched the second season. I love it very much ^-^ 

sushisushisushi Apr 7, 2018

hello!im sushi.nice to meet you.just wanted to say hi. :)

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