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FullmetalDragon Jun 9, 2018

Omg, congratulations!! Sounds like you had a pretty fun graduation there XD Ahh, sounds like your physics papers were mean as well, sad times. T_T My first physics paper went ok, but the second one just... did not. Although, to be fair, the second paper was literally all my least favourite things stuffed into one paper XD My last one is on Thursday, and it's my astrophysics paper, so I am very excited about that! Fingers crossed it will go well! Ohh, a gap year, nice! Any plans with what you're going to do with it yet? 

I'm currently in the middle of my exams (are exams in the UK super late or something, I swear everyone else has already finished theirs XD) So far it's been about half and half good and bad, so that's been nice. The maths exams I was most worried about ended up being a really lovely paper, so I was super greatful for that at least :P 

Also, no worries about being late, I've been pretty absent on here as well lately. I've been trying to avoid anime in general recently because I know I'll just procrastinate for hours if I watch it, but I must say it's not going very well XD 

xkuhaku Jun 5, 2018

Welcome back my ol' friend! Glad to hear that you did great on your exams!! I'm actually just starting finals so now I might be on hiatus... (or may be not haha) My first final is this Saturday for Math, well tbh all my finals are gonna be math bc thats all i'm taking :P But yah I'm slowly preping for that now sooo wish me luck ><

Oh! that's cool, I'm pretty sure your parents know whats bests. Hopefully it's not something bad tho!

Thats nice~ I'm currently driving my sisters 4Runner rn bc I had to total my BMW because of an accident (">.>) But yah, toyotas are freakin great cars! We had this car for over 10 years and it still drives well!! My sister recently took it on a road trip from Washington DC to California

We actually have (and dont be suprised) have a really great Entomology department haha. Gotta love dem insects yah know. If I had to say a major that we're known for... it would actually be that LOL but we do have great programs for all departments really. I guess because since we're known to be the party school, most people here are very open to helping each other out rather than pushing each other down bc of competition and stuff. 

And yes, there's both departments for medicine and computer science. But how our school works is that were seperated into four colleges (aka fancy word for departments but more broad) 1. CHASS - mainly humanities based majors 2. CNAS - STEM based majors (math/science) 3. BCOE - computer/engineering based majors 4. SOBA - mainly business majors.

If you're interested in both medicine and computer science you'd be involved in both BCOE and CNAS. Which is... holy crap hard. But I BELIEVE IN YOU AND YOU CAN SO DO IT!!! I have friends from all colleges so if you ever do come by I can hook you up to talk with them so they can give you some insight. My CS friend is so cool and knows what he's doing because he's already working for google! and my Neuro major friend is also one heckuva smarticle particle so she'll definitely tell you the things you need to know. If you need like guidance counselor but more our age rather than an adult, I can introduce you to my friend who works at the school who pretty much gets paid to do just that! I personally don't really know much about cs or medicine bc I'm literally only a math education major. But I'll do the best I can to help you at least \(^u^"\)

And Im doing great haha thanks for asking. The idea of finals starting is slowly hitting, so I'm low key panicking rn. Just finished my projects for my two education classes so all I need to do is write few papers and I'm on the grind for pure math hell :D Haha jkjk. Phewwww I wrote a lot. Hopefully this all makes sense bc I'm too lazy to reread all this. Have a good one!!!

analyticalcoffee May 11, 2018

Good! And wow, that's a lot. It's really good that you got it all done though, but man, that is a lot. That's a really long time for test, too, what the hell. How did you survive? Yes, Netflix quality is very goo, although their selection could be larger. 

That sounds like something I'd like, yes. God Eater....I've heard of it, but I haven't ever looked into it until now. Honestly? Just looking at the cover and stuff? It looks like a somewhat better and slightly different....?) Attack on Titan, but futuristic. (I wanted so much to like AoT.) So yes, I will be looking into those! They might be next on the list, aince I have so much that I'm usually at a loss of what to watch once I finish something. 

Also, are there times that are better to talk than others? We usually wing it, and talk whenever, nut it might be nice to have more of a solid plan at this point. I'd been planning on messaging you on Skype later this evening, since it'll be Saturday morning for you, so I assumed you'd be free (ish). Although you seem to do a lot of schoolwork.....

I'm usually free at around 1:00 pm here, which is midnight for you, I think. I know you're often up pretty late though. I dunno, I just thought I'd ask. (I'm eleven hours behnid your time, by the way.) 

analyticalcoffee May 8, 2018

Okay so I’m traveling until today, which is...the eighth. Huh. I got the dates mixed up, but you get the idea.

analyticalcoffee May 7, 2018

Correction: I already have Terror in Resonance on my list! It really does look good, I'll need to see it soon.