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analyticalcoffee Mar 11, 2018

I mean, I've never done any public speaking, myself (and I'm hoping I don't have to for a while) but honestly, I feel ya with the bit about small talk. I am so bad at it >-< My social life is nonexistent, and I am okay with that. I'm a shut-in lmao

Sweetness and Lightning was absolutely adorable; that's just the entire thing. It's fluff, but of the pleasing and entertaining variety. I finished FMA late last night/early this morning (I'm twelve hours behind you as far as time zones.) There was a lot of originality to the show, and I mostly loved how they did characters, specifically minor ones. I've yet to come to a determined opinion on whether I actually liked it or not, mainly because there were elements I liked and elements I didn't like so much. But again, it's original, and I respect that. I definitely want to rewatch it sometime. 

And I started watching Hozuki's Coolheadedness, because....let's be real, sadistic characters and dark humor. And it's super entertaining at this point. 

And let me know how that goes and what you think of it! ^-^ 

analyticalcoffee Mar 10, 2018

I really enjoy talking to you as well! And eh, either you’re not that awkward, or I’m more awkward than I think, so we’re just awkward together in conversation, and I haven’t really noticed xD 

I just finished Sweetness and Lightning yesterday, and I’m almost done with Fullmetal Alchemist. I have a ton on my watch list, so I’m looking forward to that. How about you? 

analyticalcoffee Mar 10, 2018

That....was a pretty amazing video xD

Ah, good, and you're welcome! I compose a mental review (and sometimes type out reviews) with pretty much everything I watch, so I suppose I'm used to articulating some of my thoughts. So between that and the Twitter thing, that was really nice, thank you very much! 

Eh, it's that I have more characters that I dislike than ones I like, so I decided to just add my favorites because there's fewer. 

xkuhaku Mar 9, 2018

Omg haha same! My mom hates it when I stay up too (/ToT)/ 

Wow you sure study hard. With all that effort I'm sure you did great for your English :) My family's doing a lot better thanks! Oh no!! I'm sorry to hear that D: May she rest in peace. But it's great to see your family is coming together. I'm also in a very similar situation with my family too so it's nice to see everyone come together again. Oh dang your grandma had 9 kids??!? I thought my family was on the big side but I was proven so wrong lol. I've only got 2 aunts and 2 uncles, so a total of 5 on my mom's side.

Whoa but that still cool that you had an interest in something at such a young age. I'm in college but I still dont know what I wanna do LOL RIP MY FUTURE.

Haha yah it is, but I feel like I didn't like school as a student. But if I'm a teacher, who knows, since it's from a different persepective maybe I'll like it. Lucky, I've never been really close to any of my teachers. I'm jealous you got to talk to him like that and get some insight. Oh? You moved to the US?? Cool! If you dont mind me asking, to where? I'm from California so its nice to hear someone from another part of the world come to the US.

Oh I've seen that around but never have gotten myself to check it out yet. But when I get the chance, I'll try looking into it more. YAASS Black Panther was so good! I loved the diversity and the sound track they had. Watched it twice within like 3 days. I havent been watching anime lately but I just picked a random one to watch today and it as called Hakyuu Houshin Engi. It's really bad lol. It has a lot of potential but its so fast and choppy? Idk how to explain it but I stopped on the last update. I have been really into Terrace House tho (not an anime). Its a Japanese show on Netflix and I've been binging that for the last couple days. I think it has it own appeal to it, so if you want you should check it out.

Oh thats right! I really enjoyed it actually (as you can tell haha) The only thing that did bug me was Subaru's (sorry if you may take offense) stupidity. He always has to die for something to finally get into his head. Like, bro lets not go through that pain and instead use your brain. Lol that surprisingly rhymed. But other than that I really loved most of the characters. It's been awhile so sorry for not much discussion on the plot ><

analyticalcoffee Mar 8, 2018

Ahaha dark humor is my favorite. And I like the Every Anime video, that one's pretty good too. 

I didn't watch that one, but I'll check it out!

Ey, I'm glad you agree on the AoT OST.

Death Parade is one of my favorite anime, and I think I like it because it questions life and morality. It also represents depression in a pretty accurate and not-romanticized way. It's not so much about characters or plot as it is about people. I hate to be cheesy, but it's about the meaning of life. Every time I watch it, I always come away satisfied, and like I've learned something about people. There are a couple off-beat episodes, but ultimately, they add to the feel of the show, and it's definitely worth a watch, as a whole. Aside from that, the animation and character design are very good, and the whole show has a certain atmosphere that can't be replaced. I might be slightly biased on all this, (in fact, that's why I've never typed out a review) because it's emotionally significant and fulfilling to me. I definitely think it's up your alley for tastes!