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xkuhaku Oct 27, 2019

Yeah, may be next time when I go back xD

Ooooh! Him!! hahaha I'm ded~ Now I know what you mean by Michael Jackson lol

Congrats in getting into Uni! Sorry to hear bout that tho. But I'm sure you'll make friends quickly :)

I'm doing good. My friend is actually getting married tomorrow so I'm getting ready for that. Pretty exciting stuff! I guess it's slowly become that time where all my friends are getting married. While I'm over here trying to get my life together hahaha

AnimeLife123 Oct 2, 2019

Good Good, you? :3

xkuhaku Sep 27, 2019

I actually only stopped at Akihabara for like an hour or so because my sister and I went there later in the evening so everything was pretty much closed by then. It was the day before our flight to Korea so we couldn't see more the next day sadly... My sister isn't a weeb like me so she wasn't really looking forward to going and didn't really put it as a priority on our "tourist list".

Yeah it rained a bit but it was alright. The humidity though was what really sealed the deal. So once there was rain I was NOT looking forward the weather after hahaha

Michigan campus was beautiful! And don't worry my family only stayed in Canada for most 3 hours LOL

Michael Jackson character?? I don't remember seeing a char like that in the anime. You have a pic?

Life is good~ Slowly getting into that adult life I guess :P Started work a week ago so thats what all I've been up to.