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xkuhaku Oct 15, 2020

LMAOO my friend got me a UV sterilizer for my birthday so I have one too xD Though I dont use it lol I think my sister wanted it so I might just give it to her if she still wants it. I did find a part-tim job but its still hard to find something concrete in my field - which is education lol. Everythings online so no one is really looking for teachers or admins D;

Ayyy you made it there tho! How's that dorm life? Yeah Riverside is like that too. Super hot! And yeah I'll add you on disc! :D

xkuhaku Aug 10, 2020

Hey! It has been awhile. Hope youre are staying safe and healthy :) And yes, it's been pretty wild these past few months.. But i've been doing well and hope you are too! I've just been looking for employment. Tho it's kind of difficult right now during these hard times. How bout you? 

And yes, I'm still in Riverside haha it's getting pretty hot lately so I've just been couped up indoors with my AC on LOL Is NorCal pretty hot right now? I do know the weather up there is a bit better but it's still Cali so I wouldnt be suprised if its getting a lot hotter over there now. 

No need for apologies ^^ I'm not as active on here anyway. Just use this more to keep track of what I've watched so far is all. But I was happy to hear from you after awhile! Hope Uni is treating you well! Or will if you havent started yet :)

ClarinetGirlKC Jul 27, 2020

Thank you. I'm doing pretty good. How are you?

I definitely have been enjoying watching some anime! 

xkuhaku Oct 27, 2019

Yeah, may be next time when I go back xD

Ooooh! Him!! hahaha I'm ded~ Now I know what you mean by Michael Jackson lol

Congrats in getting into Uni! Sorry to hear bout that tho. But I'm sure you'll make friends quickly :)

I'm doing good. My friend is actually getting married tomorrow so I'm getting ready for that. Pretty exciting stuff! I guess it's slowly become that time where all my friends are getting married. While I'm over here trying to get my life together hahaha