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AyshaShahanie Oct 4, 2014

Thank you ^^ Exactly, I too do a lot of things my family finds weird, which is why I'm probably so used to calling myself weird. Also, looking at the reaction people have when I call myself weird is funny xD Well, I have to use Skype or I won't be able to communicate with a lot of people regularly. There's a website where you can upload movies? What website is it? It sounds a lot different from what I do, but if you do decide to join us, it'll be easy enough even if it's the first time watching together. Do you have an anime that you'd love to watch with some friends? If you do, just check if I've watched it first and then send the name of the anime over to me :) You can add me too if you want. My username is ayshanuhuman. You'll find it easily xP That is the scarier concept in the world. Criminals being out of prison.

Hahaha, I gave her the episodes but she still hasn't started. I don't think she ever will either T_________T Brought my hopes up, and now it's just sad.

Alright then, I'm going with Tora-kun ^^ Yeah, that's why I don't like to use Japanese words in front of my family. Anything they can't understand will be labelled as "strange" xD Do you know what the suffixes mean? This really is new to me so I'm kind of interested. Haha, I never watch dubbed version except for Pokemon and Bakugan. It's like a tradition to me. Jukeisha?! :P COOL!

Oh, that is true :D LOL, I used the word fairy only to exaggerate, so don't take it seriously :P I even put it up on my profile, that I like terrorizing my cousins xD I don't scare them that much though. You weren't trying to give me a compliment?... I knew that.

Ahh, that's cool! LOL, let's not talk about TVs then :P What TV shows do you like to watch?

Hahaha, it's been a while, so I don't remember as well as I would've. But it was a funny pun. Nice to know that I'm not alone of the boat of forgetfulness :D Looking forward to them then!

Yeah, well. I guess the studios didn't want to promote a second season, or the producers cancelled it. Either way, the idea just sucks :P

Well, I certainly wouldn't be able to watch any anime series for more than 2 times. I'd lose interest in the plot. Why do I feel like I've already said this before? So yeah, tolerant. Hmm, I already downloaded it though, so I might watch it sooner than later.

Yup, so high five for being the first one to tell me that xD Well, I'm Muslim so there's been a festival today. It was so much fun. I was out of my apartment for the whole day. Watched a movie and did all that stuff xD And the days before that I've finished Naruto, Yuyushiki, Mondaiji-tachi (too lazy to write the whole name of this anime, and I don't know the whole name of the anime xD) and Kami-sama no Memo-chou. The list has been lowered considerably :D

:D Take your time with the replies. It's becoming more and more longer everytime we reply. I suggest save the reply like every 5 minutes. I use Notepad to write the reply then save it before I send it. Just in case it doesn't actually get sent, I have a copy.

Hope your week and the next goes great! Let's do our best again. Enjoy the weekends.

phoniefly Sep 28, 2014

yeah like i have mabye watched 2 episodes of pokemon within the last week i am trying to rank up on a game so i can get a reward that i really want. so yeah i amt rying ot rember to like check my anime planet but tbh i haven;'t really been doing that i'm really sorry for just now getting back to you.

i hope you are doing alright i amd oing alright can't really complain just been cleaning and playing games lol. right now i am on my fiancee laptop which is amazing i love it. lol i want one of my own now

AyshaShahanie Sep 28, 2014

Oh, I call myself weird because I find it funny, and I'm the only person in my family who listens and sings Japanese songs :P I pride my weirdness. Basically, I just do a lot of things that my family considers weird. O.O REALLY? It doesn't scare me at all, but it's a new fact. Well, I haven't tried this with Phoniefly, but I have with other people. We go to an anime website and keep our Skype open at the same time, one of us counts down to 3 and we all click play at the same time. Most of the time, I just type up my thoughts on Skype and send it to the people with me. It really is fun ^^

Something surprising happened yesterday though. My sister wanted the first 10 episodes of Fairy Tail. I've shown her several of the OSTs, and I'm happy to say that she liked them, but I never thought this was going to happen. So shocked xD Try getting your brother into Fairy Tail, maybe that'll work. If my sister is similar to your brother, then definitely give that a try :P

Oh ok... Well, I'll let you choose, since you're the nicknamed one: Tora-kun or Tora-nii? Haha, I knew what imouto means :D but I got what you're talking about. Wow, there's a lot of suffixes that aren't used anymore huh? I wanna find them and then use it for my friends xD Will it be hilarious? I think so!

The way you say it (comparing being childish vs. rude uptight person) makes me sound like a fairy, haha. I understand though. Thanks for the compliment, I guess ^_^ Also, I'm only childish in front of people I trust. I'm actually pretty serious when I'm with family or outside. Gotta love scaring my cousins :D

LOL, I don't have a TV or watch a lot of TV shows, so I'm pretty bad at referencing that too. Sorry ^^" Well, you got what I meant, so I guess it's alright.

No one is really too interested in anyone's jokes. So don't bring yourself down. Ooh, I remember that pun! It was hilarious! You really should :P I'll be looking forward to that. Rest assured, don't panic. I didn't mean it like that. Wait, I forgot what I said to even start this topic, hehe...

Well, just say "you're welcome" and the topic will be dropped :P

I agree with you on that. That's the thing with anime series though. It's either 12 episodes or 24 episodes long. Some 51, and some higher. I really find it sad when an anime should have more episodes but didn't.

Haha, wow. You're one tolerant person. I don't usually rewatch an anime since it'll make me lose the interest I had when I first watched it. But if I were in your situation, I'd probably do that same. A lot of people love Clannad, so I'm betting it's as good as you're making it out to be. I really should watch it soon :P Well when I can. Studying T_T

You're welcome ^^ No one's told me that before, so really, thank you :) Haha, I hope so too. Let's both try to have a good week, ok? LOL, I'm already having my weird days.

PS: Ah, well. I've watched Ano Natsu de Matteru, Black Bullet, Un-Go, Code:Breaker, Btooom!, AnoHana (#13) and I'm watching Shinrei Tantei Yakumo. Phoniefly has watched Ano Natsu de Matteru too, but I don't see the other anime on her list.

AyshaShahanie Sep 25, 2014

I do call myself weird on my bio, and I'm pretty much used to weird stuff happening to me :P LOL, if you were in prison, I'm pretty sure you wouldn't be able to use internet at all xD Haha, I'll drop my Toradora request on you for now, but if you do want to watch anime with us (meaning me and Phoniefly), just tell us ^^ Pretty sure that if you find something that interests you, and is short enough for you to watch with others, it'll be fun for us too.

And which anime is that? LOL, my sister's first anime was Ginban Kaleidoscope, but the way it ended just killed the anime loving side of her. She doesn't like tragic things so yeah. We all try our best to get our siblings into the anime fever.

Hahaha, I don't see what's wrong with that phrase, to be honest. I'll figure it out eventually. See, if I call you Tora-nii-chan (I'd probably call you Tora-nii or something), you can still call me Piyo-chan. I haven't even heard imouto being a suffix in an anime. Still, it's your call. I've never heard someone say that acting like a child means more character, so thanks for that! LOL, I certainly have to say that I'm not adorable.

:D You know when I say insults I mean strictly PG-17, right? Like "you moron", or "baka", or "stupid" or something like that. And I'm actually pretty interested in the jokes that you get from anime and manga. Just explain it to me if I don't get it xP It sounds like a cheesy pickup line? LOL, never heard that before.

Haha, alright then. That's the plan. When people say thanks, you say "you're welcome" :D I already thanked you anyway!

Seriously, I will be confused about that forever too. It just makes no sense in the plot. Hehe, thank you ^^ Ooh, it probably would have felt like Angel Beats! if she hadn't come back. Just thought about it :P

:O You've watched it 22 times? And you never got bored? That's some story. Wow, I'm going to start downloading it then!

You're welcome (for thanking me for asking about your week). Haha, not so sure that next week is going to be alright for me. But I'm going to hope for the best ^^ Same goes for you. Hope next week is as good as this one is, for you!

phoniefly Sep 23, 2014

Yeah i'm sorry it has been a whle since i last checked my anime planet and did something. i have been doing a lot of gaming stuff here recently so i wasn't paying attention to it. i was streaming some and i got into playing a lot of minecraft. which i will end up playing more later.