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Brother Knows Best

Dec 16, 2023

First off its not incest despite the suggestive title.

I'm surprised that this doesn't have a higher ranking overall. Its currently ranked 20k+ on here but I think its better than some similar titles that are under 5k. It is actually the reason why I'm leaving my first ever review for this, because it really is a story that deserves more recognition and praise.

I'm currently on Chapter 60 and I can say the story is refreshing, especially with how season 1 finished. There's both a isekai and time travel aspect which are both executed well. It also focuses more on political intrigue and administration rather than the romance which is nice to see. I read a lot of nobility and royalty romance and I have to say the majority treat the political/administrative aspect in such a superficial way. It's nice to be treated to something that's not mundane.

FL is a smart workaholic realist. It's refreshing to see tbh, perhaps i have a soft spot for the more administrative heavy female leads. I enjoy that it focuses more on her role and who she is rather than the relationship with the ML. Thats not to say there isn't romance, there most certainly is, but stories often focus too heavily on the romance aspect but it has found a nice balance. I think perhaps the biggest thing is the FL feels complete without the ML. A lot of stories detract from a good protagonist FL by making them reliant on the ML. While technically in the story she is politically reliant on him, its done well in a way where the ML complements her rather than detracts from her.

ML and his motives might initially come off odd/strange but it all makes sense as you read on. You more or less start of knowing only a piece of the puzzle and you eventually understand the picture as a whole when you read on. His personality is a bit simple but he's honest, straightforward and kind. 

The other characters are nice and I like the comedic aspect and style that pops up constantly.

Art is great and is easy on the eye. Some might view it as simplistic but I like it simple but clean and beautiful. I particularly love the artists attention to facial expressions, especially the eyes. You can feel a depth behind them sometimes that I feel other artists fail to capture.

If you're looking for something refreshing, give this story 15 chapters and see how you find it.

10/10 story
8/10 art
8/10 characters
9/10 overall

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