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D.Gray-Man - Watching Guide

D.Gray-Man has a lot of fillers but in this case, they often serve to expand the world and add character development, so I do recommend you watch some of them, especially if it's your first time watching. Also contrary to other shows most fillers are at the beginning of the series and then all episodes are canon when the action starts.
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This is an excellent anime with an original setting, with themes of overcoming tragedy and finding your identity. And despite all the bad things that happen to the protagonists, it still has a good balance of humor. Character development is great and their designs are awesome, with a gothic style reminiscent of Tim Burton's Style.

As with many long animes, it starts very slowly, with most of the filler episodes concentrated at the beginning, making it feel episodic, so you can use a filler list to watch the real story with better pacing if you don't find them engaging. However, I'll have to say that in this show, the fillers have good quality and help develop the story, the characters, and their world further, so skip them only if you are getting bored. Keep in mind that when the main story finally kicks in around episode 51 it will keep getting better and better with non-stop action.

(I created this guide mostly out of memory, so leave your opinions/suggestions in the comments and I'll adjust. I'll update again when I rewatch the series.)

  • Watch Episodes 1-13
  • Watch Filler Episodes 14-17 
    • These Filler Episodes serve to expand the world and explain how "Innocence" works.
  • Skip Filler Episode 18
    • This is just silly comedy.
  • Watch Episodes 19-24
  • Watch Filler Episodes 25-36 
    • Episodes 26 & 28 are actually canon.
    • These Filler Episodes helps to expand the character development of the main characters and the minor characters. They also help you understand what will happen later in the canon story, so they are good to watch.
    • Filler Episodes 31-32 are optional, as they are less relevant, so skip them if you like as they don't affect the main story too much.
  • Watch Episodes 37-40
  • Skip Filler Episodes 41-50 
    • These Filler Episodes are just average and they mostly serve to stall for time. You can give them a try, and skip them if you get bored.
    • They focus a lot on the character of Lulubell, but they make her look quite incompetent, in stark contrast as how she appears later in the canon.
  • Watch Episodes 51-103 
    • This is the best part of the story full of action scenes.

The dub is good.

2 D.Gray-man Hallow

D.Gray-man Hallow

Watch this Season in Full as everything is Canon!


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