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Blue Exorcist - Watching Guide

"Blue Exorcist is a great anime for any shounen fan out there, or anyone that just wants a taste of anime for the first time." -ToastersOverdose
1 Blue Exorcist

Blue Exorcist

This is a light shounen (no blood & gore) and a good iteration of the Demons vs Humans theme, in this case in the form of exorcists. Perhaps, one of the best parts of the story is the implied premise that ponders: Are we born good or evil, or is this the result of the environment and how we are raised? Can tolerance and kindness transform someone who should be the embodiment of evil into an asset for society?

"Blue Exorcist is a great anime for any shounen fan out there, or anyone that just wants a taste of anime for the first time.

Published by A-1 Pictures (Black Butler, Sword Art Online, and various other titles), Blue Exorcist provides enjoyment with its variety of characters and nice animation. It focuses on the ironic idea of a demon killing demons; and, not just any demon, but Satan. The first episode goes directly into the story, and, at least for me, hooked my attention. The introduction to this series was well-thought out, even if it was in a few episodes. The thrilling soundtrack produced by Hiroyuki Sawano (Attack on Titan, Kill la Kill) keeps one on their feet through all the battle scenes. 

Blue Exorcist has left an impact on me through its beautiful way of conveying the thoughts and feelings of all the characters. It teaches one about sacrifice for those close to them, and the challenges one must overcome to achieve their dream." -ToastersOverdose

I recommend you watch without fillers:

  • Watch S1 Episodes 1-5
  • Skip S1 Filler Episode 6 - It's just comic relief.
  • Watch S1 Episodes 7-10
  • Optional S1 Filler Episode 11 
    • This filler is ok, but it goes nowhere within the main story, it ends up being mostly comic relief and average.
  • Watch S1 Episodes 12-16
  • Watch S1 Episodes 17 up to 19 minutes, before the fillers start.
    • At this point, the ending of S1 starts diverging significantly from the manga. And this filler ending of the first season is ignored in the second season anyway, with the anime story timeline once again following the narrative of the manga, so it's best to skip for best continuity of the story.
  • Skip S1 Filler Episodes 18-25 
    • I don't recommend you watch this yet in order to avoid spoiling parts of the better story from the Kyoto Saga.

The dub is great.

2 Blue Exorcist: Kyoto Saga

Blue Exorcist: Kyoto Saga

  • Watch S2 (Kyoto Saga) in full, Episodes 1-12 (26-37)
  • Optional S1 Filler Episodes 18-25
    • The story actually starts in S1 Episodes 17 at 19 minutes.
    • The filler story of season 1 is not terrible (although it contradicts itself at some points) but is perhaps best left to the end, as an alternative ending. Just remember that is filler, not canon.

The dub is great.

3 Blue Exorcist Movie

Blue Exorcist Movie


The movie is a side story, an extra mission to exorcise demons on a train, but not related to the main story. It expects you to know the characters, so you can't watch it before watching the series. The graphics are amazing, it may be worth watching just for the 'eye candy', but it has a good story too. If you enjoy the series, then you'll probably like it.

'To start off this movie is probably one of the bests I have seen even though it is only a side story, this movie is detailed and intriguing as you watch each scene. The animation is just about perfect, I didn't see many problems, and the designs and scenery are spot-on if you are looking for a movie with amazing animation...here you go ^_^' -AngelBeatsYui

The dub is great!

4 Blue Exorcist: Kuro's Trip Away From Home

Blue Exorcist: Kuro's Trip Away From Home


This is a cute story that focuses on Kuro, but very predictable and average at best. You may like it better if you enjoy slice-of-life, not as much if you expect some action.

'Don't watch unless you've seen the rest of the series! May contain slight spoilers if you're not far enough along.  I liked how there were many different character cameos in this special.  And the ending got me, way too cute and sweet.  Nothing mind-blowing but fit with the series and was adorable.' -SirenInu

5 Blue Exorcist Specials

Blue Exorcist Specials


These are short comedy sketches and as such, they vary in quality per each episode. Comedy is hard to rate as it's very subjective and largely depends on how much they make you laugh, so I recommend you try a few episodes and decide for yourself. Personally, I found it average.

'Each is only a minute and a half long, but it was fun seeing the characters out of the normal story setting. You get to learn some new things about some of your favorite characters and they're really cute and funny. ^_^' -chickenparade

6 Blue Exorcist Movie Special

Blue Exorcist Movie Special


This is just a comedy sketch, but it's not very good at all.

7 Blue Exorcist OVA

Blue Exorcist OVA


These are unaired episodes bundled with the 19th and 20th limited edition volumes of the Blue Exorcist manga.

They are mostly slice-of-life and comedy, so only people that enjoy those genres may find them good. Don't expect much action.


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