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Best Anime Music Videos 2000-2009

During this decade we finally start to see some experimentation with both animation and music styles, especially at the end of the decade. Vocaloids start to appear in 2009 but none made this list. I'm giving more points to the music than to the visuals for obvious reasons. Some well-known bands and anime directors start using the anime video format.
1 The TV Show

The TV Show

Here is a Playlist with what I found on YouTube. Note that I didn't add any videos to YouTube, I just collected what I found in a playlist.

This is by far the best anime music video of this decade with amazing visuals that go in an eternal loop from screen to screen, telling the different character's stories, and a story from different perspectives, all mixed together with awesome music. They really embraced the anime format and use it to its full potential.

2 Linkin Park: Breaking the Habit

Linkin Park: Breaking the Habit

Good visuals, story, and excellent music. This is a song by American rock band Linkin Park. It is the ninth track from their second studio album Meteora.

3 Oasis: Falling Down

Oasis: Falling Down

Falling Down is the opening theme song to the Eden of the East TV series. The song was a single by English rock band Oasis, and was featured in the Music of Eden album.

4 Mukougaoka Chisato Was Only Gazing

Mukougaoka Chisato Was Only Gazing

This is an excellent music video with instrumental music that perfectly matches the abstract story, the visuals are amazing and entertaining.

5 Denki Groove: Hikenai Guitar wo Hikundaze

Denki Groove: Hikenai Guitar wo Hikundaze

Rock song with the full story of someone who was born to be a musician in line art.

6 Full Moon Party

Full Moon Party

A fun instrumental heavy metal rock song, mostly guitar, coming to us from an alternative version of the Planet of the Apes, perhaps?

7 Noisy Birth

Noisy Birth

Horror style visuals, maybe Grunge style and trance music, or not? But it was good and interesting if you don't mind dark themes.

8 Dir-en-Grey: Agitated Screams of Maggots

Dir-en-Grey: Agitated Screams of Maggots

This is a hardcore trash music video with grotesque visuals, violence, and gore. Be warned.

9 Denki Groove: Chuunen Punk

Denki Groove: Chuunen Punk

Hard Rock song with obnoxious visuals to complement the feel of the music.

10 Denki Groove: Mononoke Dance

Denki Groove: Mononoke Dance

Another grotesque video with bad visuals, but the song is pretty good and contagious, although I'm not sure what genre, some kind of dance song. This is also the intro song for Hakaba Kitaro, I think the show's intro is better than the music video, so I rather recommend you watch the show.

11 FACT: Rise

FACT: Rise

This is the first 3D-CGI Music Video that I have seen up to this point that is worth something since it only shows robots and architecture, things that CGI does very well, it looks pretty decent. It is paired with a good upbeat dance song.

12 Namie Amuro: Dr.

Namie Amuro: Dr.

This is a long pop dance music song with excellent animation and a short story. The video is at her Facebook Fans Page.

13 Ayumi Hamasaki: Connected

Ayumi Hamasaki: Connected

This is a little bit of a mismatch, using House Music with a Sci-Fi setting and different types of animation at different qualities, some are really good, but it also repeats a lot of sequences.

14 Shiho Fujisawa: HAPPY HOUR

Shiho Fujisawa: HAPPY HOUR

This is a colorful happy pop dance song. The visuals are not very good but the song is.

15 Linda: Chains & Rings

Linda: Chains & Rings

This is a dance/pop song with good rhythm. The visuals are not very impressive.

16 LITE: Human Gift

LITE: Human Gift

This is an instrumental alternative rock soft song. The visuals are ok, but nothing impressive.

17 Dream Theater: Forsaken

Dream Theater: Forsaken

Well, it's Dream Theater, this is not their best song and the visuals are not good either but is still much better than most of the anime videos out there. If you have never heard this band I encourage you to research it, they are progressive rock and incredible musicians.

18 Queen: Bohemian Rhapsody

Queen: Bohemian Rhapsody

Bohemian Rhapsody is the famous song by the British rock band Queen. It was written by Freddie Mercury for the band's 1975 album A Night at the Opera. This has been animated into a new music video featuring characters from Leijiverse.

19 Monkey Majik: Lupin the Third

Monkey Majik: Lupin the Third

This is a soft rock song with a nice groove with lyrics and animation based from Lupin III

20 The Black Ghosts: I Want Nothing

The Black Ghosts: I Want Nothing

This is a good electronica dance song with excellent weird visuals to complement the song.

21 the pillows: 1989

the pillows: 1989

This is a good, 7 minutes long, soft rock song with an entertaining story and awful visuals (I'm not sure if they are intentional), but I still like it for the song mostly.

22 GREAT3: Haiku

GREAT3: Haiku

This is a good soft violin song, maybe ambient music or new age? The animation is completely out of place and very lame.

23 ALT: A Play

ALT: A Play

This is an interesting dreamlike animation with an original song that doesn't fit any particular genre. Is a soft song and the lyrics sounds like rap.

24 Tsuki no Waltz

Tsuki no Waltz

Interesting video with an 'Alice in Wonderland' motif and an ok song.

25 Bajune Tobeta: Lua Calor

Bajune Tobeta: Lua Calor

This is a beautiful soft jazz song, but I wish I could say the same about the visuals, might as well they could have left them blank for the same effect.

26 Nabowa: Refrain

Nabowa: Refrain

This is an instrumental soft song, maybe a fusion between jazz & soft rock? As it has a violin and electric guitar. The visuals are ok but nothing fantastic.

27 ketchup mania: Bad! Bad! Bad!

ketchup mania: Bad! Bad! Bad!

This is a fun rock-pop song, the music is ok but the visuals are pretty good using manga art in black & white and some color for highlights.


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