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Best Anime Music Videos 1900-1999

Music Videos are definitely a genre that hasn't been developed in the anime form, so don't expect many masterpieces as nothing decent starts to come up until the mid-nineties. I'm giving more points to the music than to the visuals for obvious reasons.
1 On Your Mark

On Your Mark

Here is a Playlist with what I found on YouTube. Note that I didn't add any videos to YouTube, I just collected what I found in a playlist.

A music video from Studio Ghibli, this is definitely one of the best of I have seen so far up to the '90s with a compelling self-contained story to tell, incredibly detailed visuals and an ok soft-rock song. 

2 Extra


The animation for this music video was superb for its time, in fact, it still holds up with today's standards! It has interesting character designs, a dark sadistic violent theme, and futuristic techno music.

3 Four Day Weekend

Four Day Weekend

Good rock music with an attitude and a short story.

4 Jubilee


This is a fun song with crazy monster characters, bright colors and an abstract story, but interesting to watch and a nice groove.

5 Clover


A soft dark fantasy song that seems to be the background music for a trailer. The animation is superb for its time.

6 Glay: Survival

Glay: Survival

This is a pop-rock song with excellent animation for its time and a fun short story to tell.

7 Koro wa Yane no Ue

Koro wa Yane no Ue

Just a children song with stop-motion animation, perhaps a Japanese classic?

Most older anime music videos are from Minna no Uta, which "is a short television program on the NHK network. Created in 1961, the program aims to introduce new songs and highlight the talents of animators and directors. Anime tagged with Minna no Uta are music videos that usually combine a popular song with custom animation made for the program.". They are mostly children songs and hard to find, in all honesty, they are not very good, neither in animation nor music, this was the best I saw from all the oldies I found.

8 Denki Groove: Nothing's Gonna Change

Denki Groove: Nothing's Gonna Change

A good dance song, maybe techno or early house music, but the animation is awful, some kind of early lame 3d, maybe?

9 Boku wa Kimi no Namida

Boku wa Kimi no Namida

Soft children song, I like the voice of the singer.


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