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Animes with a Watching Guide

Some animes are difficult to figure out where to start and what is worth watching. These Animes have a Watching Guide. I'm only adding the Season where the story begins to keep the list short and they are in Alphabetical Order. I'll keep updating the list as I create/find new guides, so check it out every so often. If you know of other guides or if you create your own, let me know in the comments.
1 Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan

2 Bakemonogatari


IMPORTANT! If this is your first time watching, then it's strongly recommended you watch this series in Release Order for best enjoyment, this is because the author planned the story out of order, and watching chronologically spoils some parts, while not knowing what happened before creates a more interesting story.

Monogatari Series (Bakemonogatari) Watch Order (This is the Recommended Order)

If you already watched the whole series, then it's ok to 'rewatch' in chronological order so you can understand it better, or just get a different experience:

Monogatari Series True And Detailed Chronological Order v2

3 Berserk


4 Black Butler

Black Butler

5 Bleach


6 Bubblegum Crisis

Bubblegum Crisis

7 Fairy Tail

Fairy Tail

8 Fate/stay night

Fate/stay night

Fate/Series - Watching Guide

This includes all different instances & spin-offs of the series.

9 Fullmetal Alchemist

Fullmetal Alchemist

10 Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo

Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo

Not exactly a Watching Guide per se, but a guide to animes with Great Art!

Animes with Incredible Art

11 Ghost in the Shell

Ghost in the Shell

12 Humanity Has Declined

Humanity Has Declined

The release order is recommended for a First Watch.

On a different note, if you enjoy the show and feel like re-watching in chronological order to understand the messages better, here is the recommended order based on this post: 10, 7-8, 5-6, 1-2, 9, 3-4, 11-12

13 Kara no Kyoukai Movie 1: Fukan Fuukei

Kara no Kyoukai Movie 1: Fukan Fuukei

Release Order is recommended if is your first time watching.

But if you want to rewatch the series to understand it better then: 

Kara no Kyoukai Series (Chronological Order)

14 Mobile Suit Gundam

Mobile Suit Gundam

15 Mononoke


Note that the first story and probably the best of them all is actually the last 3 episodes of Ayakashi - Japanese Classic Horror (Bake Neko Story), which is the best part of that anime to such extent, that spawn this standalone series. So you should probably start there.

This show is also featured on this list: Animes with Incredible Art

16 Naruto


17 On Your Mark

On Your Mark

18 Patlabor: The Movie

Patlabor: The Movie

There are 2 different timelines

  1. The Prequel OVA & Movie Timeline, this one has a more serious tone and is the timeline that has made this series famous. Obviously, this is the one I recommend watching.
  2. The TV Timeline is more comical and average.


This anime suffers from an identity crisis, for starters, the mafia here is portrayed more like 'Justice League of Superheroes' rather than an actual mafia. Then at the beginning of the series starts up with the ridiculous slice of life episodes that quickly get extremely monotonous and boring, but somehow necessary to watch in order to introduce all characters, which in this anime are a lot. Finally, after 70+ episodes, it changes into a glorious shonen anime, full of action that won't stop until the end. This last part is usually what receives the best ratings. Ironically, even filler arcs at the end of the action pack parts turn out better than the cannon life episodes!

I strongly recommend you to skip the 'Life' episodes for a better experience:


  • Episodes 1-9,
  • Episodes 19-26
  • Episodes 28-31
  • Episodes 33-65
  • Episodes 74+


  • Episodes 10-18
  • Episode 27
  • Episode 32
  • Episodes 66-73


  • Episode 142 - 153
  • Episode 178 - 189

Source: https://myanimelist.net/forum/?topicid=421361

20 Saint Seiya: Knights of the Zodiac

Saint Seiya: Knights of the Zodiac

21 Steins;Gate


22 Super Dimensional Fortress Macross

Super Dimensional Fortress Macross

Both guides suggest watching in chronological order:

Suggested Macross Anime Viewing Order

Macross Watch Order

23 The TV Show

The TV Show


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