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A Certain... Index / Railgun / Accelerator - Watching Guide

This is an easy anime series to get into as it has a little bit of everything from comedy to action to slice-of-life; all wrapped up with an interesting setting with cool superpowers and everything is well executed in terms of...

Anime Classics 1960-1969

Not all anime classics may be worth watching in full in our current era, but they do make an interesting watch (for a few episodes) to understand the importance they had in the industry and how they serve as an inspiration to...

Animes with a Watching Guide

Some animes are difficult to figure out where to start and what is worth watching. These Animes have a Watching Guide. I'm only adding the Season where the story begins to keep the list short and they are in Alphabetical Order...

Animes with Incredible Art

Most of the time I just care about the story and rarely pay attention to the visuals or sound quality, but every once in a while I come across some anime that just may be worth watching because of the incredible art they have! I...

Attack on Titan - Watching Guide

My preferred order for watching the anime. I'll keep updating the list as new material is released.