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Dragon Ball GT

Jun 5, 2016

       I'd rather watched this ten times over than continue with whatever the heck this new 'Dragon Ball Super' is going.

       GT is given a buntch of crap, and yeah, it wasn't the best. Well, I mean, you gotta admit that the Shadow Dragon's were the best part. Baby and his involvment wasn't too bad. An' you gotta love that SSJ4 design~

Er.. anyways... Point being, GT is far better than Super; in my opinion.

       In Super we have, an out of character Vegeta who isn't acting like himself in many episodes. An even more overpowered bs Goku; who is /still/ better than Vegeta in the show's portrayal. (Vegeta admitting it, no-! C'mon! If he even did that he'd be beating himself up for it!)
       After all that time... none of the other's have gotten stronger? Freakin' Piccolo trains his butt off, mentally and physically, but, nOPE.
He fused with not only a strong Namekian, Nail, but with /Kami himself/

Change the title to something like; 'The Goku and Vegeta Show' or somethin'.

-rambles on and on about the horrendessness of it all-

... Ahem. Excuse me. 
Childhood show being turned into this 'Super' crap just riles me up. uwu; Forgive me for the rant.

6/10 story
10/10 animation
9/10 sound
10/10 characters
8/10 overall

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