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Dalili Apr 26, 2010

You've seen much more than me :P

Naruto? Because it just seems like Bleach part 2 and I think there's still a lot to watch out there that's probably much more entertaining than Naruto.

Matisse Apr 26, 2010

Thanks, I guess. Truthfully, I still can't believe it myself. I'll admit that I have gone through my entire list more than once in the past to make sure I've seen everything, only to find that I definitely have. That said, I have been watching anime pretty obsessively for the past 16 to 18 years and technically movies and OVAs are also included, not only series. :)

Kagutsuchi Apr 20, 2010

Seirei no Moribito would probably please you in the samurai/ninja area. It's slow paced though... I see you rated samurai champloo quite averagely *shock*. :p

You did like Kanon (2006) though! For this I applaud you. From this, you should check out Clannad, Nodame Cantabile and Honey and Clover - fantastic anime about love and life full of humour.

A short anime (9 minutes?) you might love would be Kigeki (comedy). I certainly enjoyed it despite it's length.

You might also like School Days for a bit of horror/tragedy/love... or you could watch the second season of higurashi. :p

I've kept a note of all the places you mentioned in Poland. When I visit, i'll spam your AP wall with comments of wonder and amazement. :-) Feel free to ask me anything and everything.

Kagutsuchi Apr 19, 2010

Heya. :) Welcome to AP.

I'm very glad to see most of your 5 star rated anime to be studio ghibli. :p You have great taste.

What's Poland like? I feel like travelling the world so having it for reference would be great.