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😠 Some of the Most Annoying Anime Characters 😠

In alphabetical order. The only characters on this list are ones that I've actually watched. Created: Jul-14-2017.


Series:  Working!!

The often selfish brat just gets on my nerves sometimes. She whines and isn't very nice, especially towards Takanashi-kun.

2 Aqua


Series:  KonoSuba – God's blessing on this wonderful world!

This arrogant, selfish, clueless, Crybaby can really get on one's nerves. Why? I just told you why! Her only saving grace is that she is funny, but only as it relates to her relationships with the remainder of her party companions.



Series:  Engaged to the Unidentified

Her absolute obsession with her sister Kobeni is tolerable in the earlier episodes, but when her sister decides to keep a secret from her, she starts to get carried away and becomes a bit crazy. However, her and Mashiro's antics and behavior work for this particular annoying as they can be.

4 Chibi-Usa


Series:  Sailor Moon R

She is such a snotty little brat, especially when she treats Usagi so poorly. When Usagi gives her spankings, I absolutely think the brat is getting what she deserves. Plus, hers and Usagi's expressions are quite funny during those scenes.



Series:  Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate

Either you want Yuuki Oojima to be like a brother to you or you want him to be your boyfriend. No matter what though, make up your damn mind!

6 Erina NAKIRI


Series:  Food Wars! Shokugeki no Souma

She is such a pompous, arrogant little b*tch that some other female character should just go up to her and kick her right in the v****a! I absolutley cannot stand her! I don't hate her. I wish someone would just knock her down off of her high horse.

7 Haruna


Series:  Kore wa Zombie desu ka?

The series could have benefited from less of her. The way she rides Aikawa about everything makes me wish Seraphim kicked her ass just to get her to shut the hell up!



Series:  Kaichou wa Maid-sama!

It's not that he's a bad guy. He's not. He's actually a pretty good guy who happens to be childish and idiotic. When he first appeared, he already seemed annoying. Once he started getting some minutes, he proved it! Him getting involved with Misaki really pissed me off too! If he had gotten erased from the series I would've thrown a celebration, literally!

Lastly, even his English dubbed voice is really annoying! It's Japan! He sounds like he's from the southern United States! Major head ache, major aggravation!

9 Isobe


Series:  Kamisama Kiss

He's such an obnoxious jackass towards Nanami. He, along with all the girls in her class, are absolute jerks!

10 Kanako MIYAMAE


She's quite pretty, but that's about all this annoyingly dense, clueless person can muster. She is overly perverted and when she gets hysterical, her voice becomes screechingly high and pitchy. That could be her greatest annoying asset.

11 Kuroko SHIRAI


Series:  A Certain Scientific Railgun

The way show is always bothering Mikoto is just annoying as hell! 'Sissy' this and 'Sissy' that! Try to cop a feel all the damn time! However, once you learn to 'tolerate' her behavior, you realize that she can be a likeable character who adds quite a bit to the series.

12 Liang QI

Liang QI

Series:  Canaan

Her Sister Complex obsession with Alphard makes me want to throw the remote control at the television. She wants her constant approval with everything that she does. It's so ridiculous that I'll bet she asks her for her approval to go to the bathroom to sh*t for fear that her smelly ass will upset her sister somehow. Her hatred for Canaan even annoys Alphard!

13 Luviagelita EDELFELT

Luviagelita EDELFELT

Series:  Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya

There's only two things you need to know about her:

  1. She's extremely pompous
  2. Her laugh makes me want to throw things at the television everytime I hear it
14 Mami MISATO


Series:  B Gata H Kei - Yamada's First Time

Whoever wrote her character into the story should get an award for making her so damn annoying and stupid! They should get a swift kick in the groin too!

15 Mashiro MITSUMINE


Series:  Engaged to the Unidentified

She clearly is a little child attending high school, which creates much of the over-the-top, annoying behavior. She cannot stand Benio and she makes it well known and gets angry quite often. When she gets angry, her voice gets extremely annoying at times. However, her and Benio's antics and behavior work for this particular annoying as they can be.

16 Mey-Rin


Series:  Black Butler

She can be very annoying with both her Japanese and English voice actors creating such an irritating voice. Her stupid clumsiness can be aggrevating to watch. However, amidst those qualities she is a fun character who has awesome looking eyes (her actual eyes) and has one heck of a shot with multiple types of guns. Due to that fact, if she ever met Revy in Roanapur, they'd either be best buddies or worst enemies.



Series:  Strawberry Marshmallow

Miu is jealous, envious, bossy, selfish, and downright mean sometimes. All those wonderful qualities make her an annoying pain in the butt! However, she brings about conflict to the group that draw out the other personalities of the rest of the cast. For that she is significant and important to the series.

18 Moyako KONOE

Moyako KONOE

Series:  Ane Log

From the very first few minutes of the very first OVA episode, she is instantly annoying and apparently bonkers. However, her saving graces are that some of her eccentric delusions are quite funny and she is a kind, good-hearted person despite her off-the-wall imagination. Overall, I like the character despite her being annoying.

Lastly, you will never look at milk the same way again if you end up watching this.

19 Nanaka KIRISATO


Series:  Nanaka 6/17

It would be a much better show if one of two things happened:

  1. Nanaka was removed from the show, even though her character is the entire premise for it in the first place, or
  2. Nanaka was her icy 17 year old self for a greater part of the show rather than being her extremely annoying six year old self


Series:  Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid

Oh my! She is a clingy, hyperactive spazz when it comes to Kanna.



Series:  My-Hime

Her clingyness to Yuuichi is repulsive and a farse, since she calls him 'big brother' and yet wants more than just a brother-sister relationship. Not to mention, she's just freaking annoying as hell!

22 Shouichirou YUKIMURA

Shouichirou YUKIMURA

Series:  Kaichou wa Maid-sama!

His cross dressing, constant complaining and whining, and high pitched voice are enough to drive any one crazy from hearing and seeing it all the time. However, Yukimura is still a likeable character somehow.



Series:  Inu X Boku SS

The way he fawns over Ririchiyo can be endearing, but most of the time it's downright overly done, bordering on obsessive. It gets annoying fast.



Series:  Fate/stay night

I don't dislike this character but she is one annoying, high-strung, immature adult.

25 Usagi TSUKINO


Series:  Sailer Moon

Simply put...she is an annoying, whiny Crybaby who should speak less and listen more. Despite that she can always be counted on when someone is in need. She's even strangely likeable somehow regardless of how galling she can be.

26 Winner SINCLAIR


Series:  Karin

Not a character that is not part of the original manga, Chibi Vampire, and for good reason. He's not an unlikeable character, just an annoying obsessed vampire hunter who cannot stand the sight of blood. Wait, what!? That's right, no joking.


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SowayAre Nov 30, 2020

Sora Kasugano should be here.

MusicChika65 Sep 9, 2019

Not Rini & Usagi =(.

Starra Apr 30, 2019

Someone else who hates Chisato! Then again 99% of the KoiChoco cast pissed me off lol

LovelessBeauty Dec 6, 2018

Don't forget Mikasa Ackerman from Attack on Titan.