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🐺 Excellent Animal & Non-human Anime Characters 🤖

The list is in alphabetical order. Characters on this list are only from anime that I've actually watched. This list does NOT included characters that have a Human Guise, unless noted otherwise. Created: Sep-20-2017
1 Babu


Series:  Sankarea

He's just a cute little 'zombie' cat.

2 Blair


Series:  Soul Eater

In her human form, she's a fanservice hottie! In her cat form she's absolutely addorable, especially with her hat on. It's her true form that puts her on this list. Click >here< to see what she really looks like.

3 Calcifer


Movie:  Howl's Moving Castle

Calcifur is absolutely hilarious in the English dubbed version (voiced by actor/comedian Billy Crystal). He's got one sparky personality. One of my favorite anime quotes, 'May all your bacon burn.'

4 Cat Bus

Cat Bus

Movie:  My Neighbor Totoro

It's a cat and a bus that you can ride in. Imagine how soft the interior must be!

5 Chamber


Series:  Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet

An intelligent and sophisticated mecha AI unit that is an incredibly loyal and honorable character.

6 Chito


Series:  Flying Witch

As one of the smarter, pure animal characters on this list, Chito is the Magical Familiar of Makoto. She would be lost without her, literally!

7 Derflinger


Series:  The Familiar of Zero

A "cheap" sword with an unexpectedly funny personality and surprising power.

8 Hector


Series:  Beautiful Bones: Sakurako’s Investigation

A friendly, puffy, life-saving Samoyed dog who takes a fondness to Sakurako.

9 Heen


Movie:  Howl's Moving Castle

Although he doesn't speak words, Heen is a funny looking dog with some scrawny chicken-like legs. He ends up taking a big liking to Sophie even though his allegiance lies elsewhere, at least originally.

10 Jiji


Movie:  Kiki's Delivery Service

A talkative and oft sarcastic personality (English dubbed version), he is Kiki's very close companion. A great feature is his large ears, which frames his large personality.

11 Kakashi no Kabu

Kakashi no Kabu

Movie:  Howl's Moving Castle

Like most of the non-human characters in Howl's Moving Castle, 'Turnip Head' is just a fun, likeable character. Like Heen, he too takes a liking to Sophie.

12 Keppi


Series:  Sarazanmai

An unexpectedly humorous Kappa who just so happens to have some high-level insight to beings and their connections to others.

13 Left Hand

Left Hand

Movie:  Vampire Hunter D

He gives D a difficult time sometimes, but he has saved his butt from certain death as well.

14 Luna


Series:  Sailor Moon

Her personality from the very first Sailor Moon series is of a fiesty one. She's blunt and not afraid to let Usagi have it, whether it's in a serious context or whimsical one. She can be downright hilarious at times!

15 Maya


Series:  Azumanga Daioh

An adorable cat with a little sass to her.

16 Rinon


Series:  Waiting in the Summer

The cute, quirky sidekick (or pet?) of Ichika. Rinon has some pretty wickedly awesome abilities too, such as being able to teleport Ichika at will.

17 Ryo-ohki


Series:  Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki

Look at those bunny-cat combo features. Ryo-ohki is a cutie. However, in "ship" form it is not to be trifled with.

18 Senketsu


Series:  Kill La Kill

A powerful Kamui, he not only possesses some great power but he has a surprisingly good and somewhat humorous personality. Plus, his honesty and analytical skills make him an excellent counter to Ryuuko's oft reckless personality.

19 Tama


Series:  Nyan Koi!

The English dubbed Tama is hilariously portrayed by voice actor, Jay Hickman. He brings plenty of fun to the character.

20 Taromaru


Series:  School-Live!

The dog with the constantly hanging tongue out, he is intelligent, fearless, and Mischevious. Also, he is life saving as well...literally.

21 Totoro


Movie:  My Neighbor Totoro

One of the best, most lovable characters from Studio Ghibli, if not all of anime!


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