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ūüí™ Badass Anime Characters You Don't Want to Mess With, Period! ūüí™

List is in alphabetical order. Based on anime I've actually watched. It includes both heroes and villains. Each character is taken solely into context of their universe. If a deserving character is not on the list, then I probably have not seen the series, movie, special, or OVA. Created: Apr-10-2017
1 Accelerator


Series:  A Certain Magical Index

What appears to be a Sadistic, Hot-Headed punk (or even villian), Accelerator turns out be just another scientific experiment in Academy City. He even shows that he has a good heart, which is good because his power if off the charts. He is the highest ranked 'Level 5' esper! He can control practically unlimited vectors (material/immaterial things having direction as well as magnitude).

2 Alucard


Series:  Hellsing

Considered to be the most powerful or at least one of the most powerful vampires across all anime lore.



Series:  Rurouni Kenshin

The combination of his Kodachi NitŇć RyŇꬆand Kempo fighting style give him excellent balance between defense and offense. If at full strength, he is¬†very near or on par¬†with Makoto Shishio.

4 Balalaika


Series:  Black Lagoon; Black Lagoon: Second Barrage

OVA:  Black Lagoon: Roberta's Blood Trail

She has enough military field and tactical experience to start, fight, and likely win a war in any country.

5 Balsa


Series:  Seirei no Moribito

She uses her spear with deadly precision and speed to defeat highly skilled opponents who can be equally fast and use smaller, lighter, and quicker weapons. She knows how to deliberately disable them without having to kill them. Plus, she can do hand-to-hand combat with great ability as well, if needed. That's how good she is.



Series:  Baccano!

Specials:  Baccano! Specials

He is an incredibly gifted assassin. He is in above peak human shape with Olympic level strength, speed, dexterity, and super human agility.

7 D


Movies:  Vampire Hunter D; Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust

The half-human, half-vampire dhampir has defeated opponents thousands of years old and extremely powerful. He definitely gets his power from his father's side.



Series:  Baccano!

A young immortal who is not only a really nice kid, but also a smart and very skilled fighter both with a knife and without one. He's trusting to a fault sometimes, but he won't hesitate to kick someone's ass should they betray his trust.

9 Franken STEIN

Franken STEIN

Series:  Soul Eater

One of the strongest characters throughout the entire series. His abilities and intelligence are practically without equal.

10 Gauron


Series:  Full Metal Panic!

A tactically intelligent and very skilled mecha pilot with more lives than a cat.

11 Goblin Slayer

Goblin Slayer

Series:  Goblin Slayer

He knows how to effectively use whatever weapon he finds on a quest, including during battle. He knows how to use archaic magic scrolls. He knows how to strategically ambush a horde of 100+ goblins, who are known for their ability to ambush others. Even after taking a beating, he gets up and continues to fight and at a smart high level. Finally, he is fearless and is not intimidated no matter the enemy or the odds.

12 Hajime SAITOU


Series:  Rurouni Kenshin

Known as the 'Wolf of Mibu,' he is a top level swordsman who is hard to defeat with his special Gatotsu sword technique.



Series:  Chivalry of a Failed Knight

In the shows universe he has very little magic power, which gives him an 'F' grade in his school of magical knights. However, his combat prowess with his sword is above the 'A' students. He's in a class all of his own.

14 Ikta SOLORK


Series:  Alderamin on the Sky

He can handle himself in a fight acceptably for a solider. However, is real badass nature comes from his mind. Solork is clearly of genius intellect as he out manouvers an army of 12,000 (compared to his 600) and out smarts a nearly equal strategist. He's practically fearless in both action and words, which does get him into a bit of trouble sometimes, but not to something that he doesn't resolve. A true Analytical badass among men.

15 Jin


Series:  Samurai Champloo

Incredible with a sword, he is almost undefeatable. In a dojo setting, he probably is undefeatable.



Series:  Ga-Rei -Zero-

A naturally gifted excorcist at a very young age, she can sometimes let her feelings cloud her judgement. However, when her mind is clear and focused, she is not someone who should be messed with.

17 Kambei SHIMADA


Series:  Samurai 7

The wisest, oldest, and most battle tested of all the seven samurai, he can defeat most opponents with relative ease.

18 Kaname KURAN

Kaname KURAN

Series:  Vampire Knight; Vampire Knight Guilty

All other vampires undeniably respect his power and 'pure blood' vampiric lineage. He hardly shows his abilities but when he does, watch out!

19 Kenshin HIMURA

Kenshin HIMURA

Series:  Rurouni Kenshin

Movie:  Rurouni Kenshin Movie

OVA:  Rurouni Kenshin: Tsuiokuhenn

Personal favorite character who is almost invincible with the use of his God-like sword style, Hiten Mitsurugi-ryŇę.

20 Kirukiru AMOU

Kirukiru AMOU

Series:  Armed Girl’s Machiavellism

She is a practioner of Karate. However, this is not what makes her a tough opponent. That credit goes to her ability to harden her entire body as if it were steel. Doing so makes her hands like blades themselves. Her nearly impenetrable defense and deadly 'hand-blades' make her badass!

21 Koro-sensei


22 Lucy


Series:  Elfen Lied

A Diclonius of the utmost power. She can destroy at an alarming rate and without hesitation or compassion.

23 Medaka KUROKAMI


She's the One Punch Man of her anime's universe. She's at the top of her school in everything that she so desires to be.

24 Mikoto MISAKA


Series:  A Certain Scientific Railgun

As only one of seven 'Level 5' espers (ranked #3) in all of Academy City, it's hard not to see why. Whenever you think she's been bested by either another powerful esper or someone who has significantly studied her powers in order to counteract them, she ups her game with either an amazing ability or in just shear raw power. Her hard work, mental capacity and knowledge of her own 'personal reality' is what elevates her above the rest.

25 Mirei KUDOU


Series:  When Supernatural Battles Became Commonplace

If you've seen the anime before, you might be wondering why she's on this list. Simply put, when you have the ability to completely steal all other Superpowers, including more than one at a time, then that makes you quite powerful and potentially dangerous.

26 Mitsukuni HANINOZUKA


Series:  Ouran High School Host Club

His sweet, boy lolita nature is only a part of who he really is. He is a master martial artist who can defeat other well-known martial artists. The best part is...that's not the kind of person he wants to be. He's just a natural-born badass!

27 Natsuki MINAMIYA


28 Punie TANAKA


OVA:  Dai Mahou Touge

Even when she faces tough competition, she finds a way to defeat her opponents whrther with magic or in physical combat. She can go from cutsey to deadly almost instantly.

29 Revy


Series:  Black Lagoon; Black Lagoon: Second Barrage

OVA:  Black Lagoon: Roberta's Blood Trail

She is an excellent shot with a variety of weapons, especially her two custom Cutlass specials. She has excellent endurance and is more agile than she may first appear to be.

30 Roberta


Series:  Black Lagoon: Second Barrage

OVA:  Black Lagoon: Roberta's Blood Trail

She is like a machine when we first see her in action. She's good enough to slightly best Revy in a no holds barred fight in Black Lagoon: Second Barrage. In the OVA series she takes her abilities to even new levels...scary!



Series:  GATE; GATE (2016)

An over 900 year old Diety, Rory has the power, ability, and fearlessness to take on a flame dragon! Although not capable of defeating one, the fact that she can fight one and survive is a testament to how awesome she is. You don't want to mess with her!

32 Saber


Series:  Fate/stay night

A naturally skilled fighter with her sword, her Noble Phantasm makes her God-like and undefeatable in the Fate/stay night series.

Series:  Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya

A much different of character in this series, she has immense power and a unique ability unlike any other faced. Put her against the Berseker character and the battle would be nothing less than a draw for Saber in my opinion.

33 Sara


Series:  Samurai Champloo

She could be considered the second best fighter in the series due to her exceptional hearing and mastery of her ranged melee weapon.

34 Sebastian MICHAELIS


Series:  Black Butler

He is a powerful demon who is centuries old, immortal, and can take down angels like there's no tomorrow, even when completely missing an arm. On top of all that, he's simply 'one hell of a butler' as well.

35 Seijuro HIKO

Seijuro HIKO

Series:  Rurouni Kenshin

OVA:  Rurouni Kenshin: Tsuiokuhenn

Kenshin Himura's master who taught him Hiten Mitsurugi-ryŇę. He was stated by the creator of the Rurouni Kenshin universe to be powerful enough to defeat Kenshin's enemies easily, including Makoto Shishio. What little we see him actually fight in the series, it is clear that Hiko is very¬†powerful¬†indeed.

36 Sousuke SAGARA

Sousuke SAGARA

Series:  Full Metal Panic!; Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu

Exceptionally skilled mecha pilot who is a very tough hand-to-hand combatant as well as skilled with a multitude of weapons and gear.

37 Takumi USUI

Takumi USUI

Series:  Kaichou wa Maid-sama!

He might seem like an unexpected person on this list since he's in a Shoujo Romantic Comedy but here are the reasons:  He beat the #4 best junior chess player, he dominates at every sport he participates in, he is an excellent combatant (in the very little fighting we see), and he is tops in everything else that he does. He does not lose at anything! In the normal human universe he lives in, Takumi is superhuman!

38 Tenshi


Series:  Angel Beats!

Kanade Tachibana is without equal in the series. It takes the entire Afterlife Battle Front just to slow her down, not even defeat her! They've got guns, rocket launchers, long-ranged melee weapons, and more. Non of that is enough to defeat her! Damn!

39 Tina SPROUT


Series:  Black Bullet

There was one scene where she took on all three of the main characters, Enju (fellow 'Cursed Child'), Kisara (master swordsman), and Rentaro (Enju's Promoter), who are all tough fighters in of themselves. She was able to beat them all. She's pretty badass!

40 Tsukuyo INABA

Tsukuyo INABA

Series:  Armed Girl’s Machiavellism

She is an expert of the martial art, Iaidou, which uses heightened senses to be fully aware of one's surroundings and react. The discipline allows her to be able to quickly to draw her sword to counter or attack against another sudden attack. If she had used a proper katana, she would've been able to defeat the nearly impregnable Kirukiru Amou. The fact that she's Blind makes her all the more impressive.

41 Vash the Stampede

Vash the Stampede

Series:  Trigun

A pacifist with incredible power, enough to practically incinerate a large city or blast a massive crater into the lunar surface from afar.



Series:  Ga-Rei -Zero-

With her weapon Shishio and spirit beast Ranguren, she is a force to be reckoned with. Her sword fighting skills are also top notch.

43 Yukina HIMERAGI




Series:  Angel Beats!

As the leader of the SSS, she has a great amount of responsibility on her shoulders. She handles it well. She never seems to die and is the only one who was legitimately able to go head-to-head with Tenshi.


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ShioriTakahara Jan 25, 2019

I was surprised when I saw Usui on the list but damn your observation skills are awesome. I just loved your reasoning.

languageweeb Nov 13, 2018

I notice Finland from Hetalia is not on this list

JosephXavier Aug 1, 2018

U R right Bro xD .... Badass

KnightLightning Jun 10, 2018

 Awesome list. I think this might be one of my favorites.