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D00M5LAY3R Mar 20, 2019

Yeah, Fairy Tail is pretty good. It's super fun. My son's loving it. 12-year-old me would have been in love with the show.

AnimeXXXXXXX Mar 19, 2019

Can I download anime from anime planet?

trottolina Mar 18, 2019

Hey, thanks for the nice comment!  Sorry it's taken me a while to reply back.  I'm currently watching Ruroni Kenshin for the first time... not my favorite anime, but I'm invested enough in the characters to watch through to the end. 

I like Kaoru especially. 

JAYQUITA Mar 18, 2019

yea sorry been busy with some stuff and anime im still trying to find some more to watch cheers for the help gotta chat soem more soon 

RenComplete Mar 17, 2019

HKBattosai says... "Now I am at least. There are times I’m always here and then there are time where I’m away for a little while. There is absolutely no pressure to being here or not. I just happen to like people, such as yourself, who take the time to respond back. Although I don’t expect that when I welcome people to the site, I certainly do appreciate it.
And don’t worry about the socializing. I’m the opposite in that regard so I got your back on that aspect. *winks with thumbs up*

Hahaha! My pleasure. I feel the same way about people. And although I haven’t seen That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime (assuming that’s what it’s from), I get the reference. xD Despite your not socializing, you’ve decided to engage in some pleasant conversation with me. It’s fun and I like that so I’ve followed you back as well. If you’re ever getting the “itch” to chat you’re always welcome to stop by my profile and do so. Until next time, take care.

Well, I value manners. Speak when spoken to, If I don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all(unless is self-defense), etc. I just try my best to be a good person. It's also a thing I have that causes me to feel extreme awkwardness when around others if it's silent. As well as when I'm spoken to and received no ill-intent. I also apologize if that is somewhat of a spoiler. 

-HKBattōsai(P.S. Let me know if you add an avatar to your profile along with your background image...I always like to see what individuals think of and how they express themselves. If not, no worries! The background image is excellent by the way! Cheers!)

Well, the Background Image was temporary until I've found something I like that relates to anime/manga. I couldn't bear it be empty since I saw it upon visiting my own profile. I do thank you for the compliment. They refer to LoL and contain 2 of my top 10 Pokemon in LoL. 1, I don't use so much because of his rework but I still love his persona. The other is a Pretty S-Tabby Cat. Though, so far, I've found a replacement picture for my PPic. It's has a lot in it but I doubt its true meaning will be understood if no other can relate to the source. Let me know if you are interested if not already involved already ^v^