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HKBattōsai's real name is Mike and if he was a real anime character on Anime-Planet, he would look very similar to Yukio OKUMURA from Blue Exorcist.

His actual bio can be found starting at the ~Introduction~ section below.





こんにちは (Konnichi'wa) everyone! I'm HKBattōsai. Welcome to my Anime-Planet (A-P) bio page! After many years of utilizing this site for anime reviews, ratings, recommendations, etc., I finally decided to officially join the community. Within the first week, I had accomplished a significant portion of what you will find posted here. Enjoy!

~A Little Anime Background~

I first started watching anime in the late 1990's when I was still in high school. I've always been into Japanese history and culture, but even more so since anime.

When I got to college I met a girl and the rest is history. However, it wasn't until we were married that I truly introduced her to anime. For the longest time, it really wasn't her thing. Not any more that's for sure! Ironically I feel like she watches more anime than I do now! Somewhere around 2010 I discovered Rightstuf and that forever changed the amount of our anime consumption exponentially!

My favorite anime of all time is Rurouni Kenshin. It is not the best anime I've seen but it is certainly awesome. Shinta, err, Kenshin's character is an excellent combination of humor, wisdom, courage, seriousness, and deadliness. His Hiten Mitsurugi-ryū is amazing and is the best fictional sword technique in my opinion.

Amakakeru Ryū no Hirameki

My anime history only includes series and movies from 2010 to now, which is the time I really got my wife into anime too. Quite a few series (and some movies) I'm leaving off my lists because they were watched many years prior, where only watched partially and I cannot remember where I stopped with them, or I missed a few episodes in between. The same applies to manga as well, except for the Rurouni Kenshin series. Some examples of pre-2010 anime include Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, Yu Yu Hakusho, Tenchi Muyo, Rurouni Kenshin, Outlaw Star, and Sailer Moon. They were the most common and popular of the anime shows that were available on TV at the time. They probably total at least 500 episodes not accounted for on my lifetime of anime watched.

~My Ratings~

When looking at my ratings there's a few things you need to know. First, the ratings are primarily based on how much I was entertained by the anime/manga, and secondarily they are based on things like art, animation, dub, sub, etc. Plot and it's execution are important, but to me characters and their development are even more important. A poor story can be more forgivable if there are excellent relatable characters in it.

Second, some of the ratings are given from when I saw the anime a LONG time ago, which means that a few of them might fluctuate ever so slightly in score if I re-watch them again. Those anime included on my lists are few and far between.

Third, you won't find very many low scores below a "2" and the reason for that is I try my hardest to find anime that tends to be not only of interest, but of a higher quality as well. Where do I find out what's good and what isn't? Simple...from places like Nihon Review, Anime News Network, THEM Anime, and Anime-Evo, but mostly from all of you on Anime Planet. How the overall community of fans here feels about the anime and manga is huge!

Forth, all anime given a star rating has had at least three episodes watched with very few exceptions to that rule, such as short OVA's, etc. I think most series should have a fair amount of episodes viewed in order to make a proper rating or review. If it's in my Dropped list without the # of episodes or a ⭐ rating, then please check >here< for details. Anything in my Won't Watch list means just that unless it's part of a club activity, i.e. FYAB: Find Your Anime Buddy or DAMN, That Anime Is Bad Club. (DTAB).

Lastly (Part A), here is a relatively simple guide to what the ratings mean:

≤1 - Awful (no entertainment value, enough said; absolutely no replay value)
2 - Poor (entertained, a little; minuscule replay value)
3 - Fair (entertaining enough to usually finish it; low replay value)
4 - Good (worth watching, even owning; good replay value)
5 - Excellent (watch it, buy it, you won't regret it; high replay value)

Lastly (Part B), I currently do not right very many reviews (07/2018). They tend to be systematic and linear, which can be aggravating to me (and probably some readers) but they just happen to always come out that way. However, when I do write one they can noticeably vary from what star rating I might give that particular anime. The main reason is because I do not factor the "entertainment" value into my reviews like I do in my ratings. The average between the Story, Animation, Sound, and Characters only are what equal the Overall score in them. Updated: Please see "Special Profile Updates" section below doe details.

Side Note:  Never overhype any anime or manga otherwise you decrease the chance of truly enjoying it to its fullest since you'll be hyper-critical about everything. That's just my opinion and a suggestion.

📝 My Reviews 📝

I don't write too many reviews, but certain for certain anime I like to or want to write one for it. Here they are below if you're interested. Constructive criticism is always welcomed and appreciated:

♛♕Special Profile Updates♛♕

🆕 January 2018: 2017 was the "Year of Anime" for the Mrs. and I. Between the two of us, we watched 1,543 anime episodes (943 for her, 600 for me). That's the most for both of us by a long shot! At the rate she's going, she'll have watched more anime than me soon! Uh oh!

🆕 Oct-15-2018: All reviews have been updated to include the "Entertainment Score" as part of the Overall score calculation given.

📺 List of Re-watching & Watching with Others Anime 📺

    Eps: 2/24              Eps: 19/26               Eps: 0/?              Eps: 0/?      

~Personal Records (2010-present)~

Most episodes watched in one sitting (most recent listed first):

  1. 12 episodes
    - Kamisama Kiss [9] and Fate/stay night [3] (12/2017)
  2. 10 episodes
    - Strawberry Marshmallow OVA [3], Angel Beats! [3], Food Wars! Shokugeki no Souma [4] (04/2018)
    - Gunslinger Girls [3], Black Lagoon: Second Barrage [2], and Ouran High School Host Club [5] (08/2017)
    - Ouran High School Host Club (08/2017)
  3. Nine episodes
    - Last Exile [4], Heaven's Memo Pad [3], and When Supernatural Battles Became Commonplace [2] (07/2018)
    - Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate [5] and K-On! [4] (04/2018)
    - Vampire Knight (08/2017)
    - Princess Nine [6] and High School of the Dead [3] (06/2017)
    - Special A [3] and Full Metal Panic! [6] (04/2017)
    - Victorian Romance Emma: Second Act (2015)
  4. Eight episodes
    - Grand Blue (10/2018)
    - Kaichou wa Maid-sama! [6] and GATE (2016) [2] (07/2018)
    - Food Wars! Shokugeki no Souma [6] and Ouran High School Host Club [2] (04/2018)
    - Blue Spring Ride [5] and Amagi Brilliant Park [3] (08/2017)
    - Special A (04/2017)
    - Black Lagoon (03/2017)

Most episodes watched from complete anime series, seasons, web, specials, and OVA in one year:

  1. 600 episodes - 2017
  2. 576 episodes - 2018 (includes 2018 OVA's and through anime series #95)
  3. 127 episodes - 2016

Most episodes watched from completed anything in one year by the Mrs:

  1. 943 episodes - 2017
  2. 497 episodes - 2018 (through #65)
  3. 115 episodes - 2016 (first year tracked)

Most times watching an anime series/season in a single year:

  1. Two times
    - Kaichou wa Maid-sama! (2018)
    - Black Lagoon (2017)
    - Ouran High School Host Club (2017)
    - Black Lagoon: Second Barrage (2017)
    - Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu (2017)
    - Kamisama Hajimemashita (2017)
    - B Gata H Kei (2016)

Fastest time to finish a 10-15 episode season/series (start to finish):

  1. 1.042 days
    Black Lagoon, 12 episodes, back-to-back nights (03/2017)
  2. 1.750 days
    K-On!, 12 episodes, three days in-a-row (04/2018)
  3. 1.875 days
    Grand Blue, three days in a row (09/2018)
  4. 1.958 days
    Mayo Chiki!, 13 episodes, three nights in-a-row (01/2018)
  5. 2.042 days
    Black Lagoon: Second Barrage, 12 episodes, three nights in-a-row (03/2017)

Fastest time to finish a 20-27 episode season/series:

  1. 4.042 days
    - Food Wars! Shokugeki no Souma, 24 episodes, five days in-row (04/2018)
    - Black Lagoon & Black Lagoon: Second Barrage, 24 episodes, five nights in-a-row (03/2017)
  2. 5.125 days
    - Ouran High School Host Club, 26 episodes, six nights in-a-row (08/2017)
  3. 6.042 days
    - Full Metal Panic!, 24 episodes, six-out-of-seven nights (04/2017)

Fastest time to finish a 39-52 episode season/series:

  1. TBD

~Anime Statistics~
Because I absolutely love mathematics!
- Based on 154 Total Ratings -

Anime Rating Percentage:
5:  7.1%
4.5:  12.3%
4:  26.0%
3.5:  22.1%
3:  13.6%
2.5:  9.7%
2:  5.8%
1.5:  1.9%
<1.5:  1.3%

Mean Rating:  3.536
Standard Deviation P:  ?
*The results show that ?% of the ratings are within one standard deviation of the mean

~Milestones (2010-present)~

1st Anime Series/Season (New, non-OVA, and 100% Watched):  Hellsing
25th New Anime Series/Season:  B Gata H Kei (2016)
50th New Anime Series/Season:  The Kawai Complex Guide to Hostel Behavior (2017)
75th New Anime Series/Season:  Angel Beats! (2018)
1st (New) Anime Series/Season WWTM (Watched with the Mrs.):  Karin
25th Anime Series/Season WWTM:  Monthly Girls' Nozaki-kun
50th Anime Series/Season WWTM:  Black Lagoon: Robertas Blood Trail
1,500th Episode*:  Moonlit Hunting Ground, Black Lagoon (08/06/17)
2,000th Episode*:  So That Means We're in a Love Triangle!, D-frag! (05/19/18)
1st Profile Comment:  Konalzumi
50th Profile Comment:  worknboy
100th Profile Comment:  FriendlyDemon
1st Follower:  Konalzumi
10th Follower:  ItaKiss57
25th Follower:  Dracarys20
50th Follower:  TheMasterOtaku
100th Follower:  TwirlipOfTheSlothrop (09/2018)
*for the sake of ease it includes movie, special, other, and OVA episodes

~Genre/Sub-Genre Favorites (Some)~

Action: Angel Beats! (Supernatural); Black Lagoon (Gunfights; Seinen); Fate/stay night (Fantasy); Full Metal Panic! (Mecha); Rurouni Kenshin (Shounen; SwordplaySamurai Champloo (Samurai); Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust (Vampires)
Comedy:  B Gata H Kei (Ecchi); Food Wars! Shokugeki no Souma (CookingMy Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU (School Club); Ouran High School Host Club (Reverse Harem); Fruits Basket (Shoujo); School Rumble (School Life); K-On! (Slice Of Life)
Drama:  Victorian Romance Emma (Romance)
Horror:  School-Live! (Zombies)
Sci-Fi:  Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet (Ocean)
Sports:  Princess Nine (Baseball)

~Club & Society Memberships~

Anime-Planet Welcoming Committee (WECO)
- (formerly) as the original was disbanded in September 2017 -

The Anime-Planet Contributors Organization (T.A.C.O.)

Anime-Planet Claiming Society

Anime Lottery Game

Seasons Played:
- Summer 2018Seven Senses of the Re'Union
- Fall 2018 - Ulysses: Jeanne d'Arc to Renkin no Kishi

Find Your Anime Buddy

- Higurashi no Naku Koro ni - July/August 2018 - @HikikoKat, @Karin84, @MythicalTurkey, @PreciousEgg, @Scalpelexis

- Boogiepop Phantom - October 2018

- Joined November 2017 -

~Anime/Manga Deals~

Sentai Filmworks

~Anime Planet Peeps~

Check them all out. They're what makes A-P awesome!

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~A Little More Background That's Not Anime~

If you're wondering why this small section isn't near the top with my Little Anime Background it's because A-P is really all about anime and manga and everything that it encompasses. I wanted to share a little more about myself by making this a part of my bio page, while not taking away from all that is anime (and manga)!

Besides anime, I have many other interests/hobbies and always open to trying new things. I am a former musician (not professionally) who once played the piano, guitar, and drums, with the latter being the longest at more than 12 years. Music is probably one of the very few things that is more important to me than anime! However, like anime I enjoy many genres with progressive rock/metal being my absolute go-to sound. My favorite artists are as follows, in order (for the most part):

  1. Tool
  2. Demon Hunter
  3. Anubis Gate
  4. AC/DC
  5. Anathema
  6. Katatonia
  7. Haken
  8. Creedence Clearwater Revival
  9. Elvis Presley
  10. Kansas

A few other artists that I feel like mentioning are:

Since I spent the most time playing the drums, here are my favorite drummers, in order (for the most part):

  1. Danny Carey
  2. Neil Peart
  3. Buddy Rich
  4. Mike Portnoy
  5. John Henry Bonham
  6. Terry Bozzio
  7. Mike Mangini
  8. Carl Palmer
  9. Gene Krupa
  10. Any one of dozens of amazing drummers...

I am a former athlete and thoroughly enjoy sports in general. My favorite sports and their corresponding teams/athletes are as follows, in order (for the most part):

  1. Baseball - New York Yankees; Tino Martinez (retired, 2006)
  2. Basketball (professional) - Orlando Magic; Shaquille O'Neal (retired, 2011)
  3. Basketball (college) - Syracuse Orange
  4. Tennis - Pete Sampras (retired, 2002)
  5. Rugby - No Favorites
  6. Football - Dallas Cowboys; Dan Marino (retired, 2000) & Emmitt Smith (retired, 2004)
  7. Hockey - Buffalo Sabres; Teemu Selänne (retired, 2014)
  8. Everything Else

Another thing I want to share about myself is my video gaming life. I've noticed LOTS of A-P users are also big time gamers. In fact, many of my A-P friends are definitely into gaming. Here is my list of all-time favorites games (gaming system), with the top five being in order (for the most part). Here goes:

  1. Borderlands 2 (PS3, then PS4)
  2. Legend of Zelda, The (NES)
  3. Diablo 2 (PC)
  4. Kingdom Hearts (PS2, then PS3, then PS4)
  5. Ninja Gaiden (XBox, then PS3)

Other favorites are (these are just alphabetical and not in any numerical order):

Secondly, game series that are some of my favorites with the [] representing the games I'm including with a minimum of two games each (these are just alphabetical and not in any order):

Lastly, a few other hobbies (past and present) include:

That's it! I do not want to get to carried away with all things me that are not anime and manga!

~Supporting anime-planet~

Support anime-planet! There are a number of different ways to do so. Click >here< to find out how. If interested in supporting A-P by greeting new members to the site, please go >here< for the new WECO information page. It's a no brainer!

My own personal way of supporting A-P is being a . What does that mean? For me specifically it means that I am responsible for making sure People and Characters are added and updated accurately and appropriately. New seasonal anime I have been directly responsible for while they are airing:

Plus, I pitch-in on acquiring anime screenshots and cover images, providing anime tags, and writing synopses when possible. More or less, whatever >this< person or >this< person ask me to take care of, I will gladly do so. One of them gave me the opportunity to be a moderator. The other is my moderating senpai. I am grateful to both!

~Final Thoughts~

Newer A-P Members:  Please feel free to ask me for anything, or just go >here< if you need assistance of any kind. Other than asking any seasoned A-P member it's probably the best place to go.

All of my >custom lists< are solely based on anime that I've seen or manga that I've read, regardless whether I finished it or not.

Thanks for checking out my bio page on A-P! I am open to comments and suggestions any time. If any one does message me on my profile I will respond back. Someone takes the time to do so, then it's only polite for me to reciprocate. You can find me on the forum >here< as well. I do not remember to check that quite as often though.

Lastly, for anyone who wants to chat and get to know me and other people on A-P more, I have a small community of anime, manga, and gaming fans on my own Discord server. Just message me on the A-P forum >here< and I can send you a link to it. さようなら (Sayōnara)!


Bio Last Updated:  October 15, 2018


Life on anime

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Anime ratings

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  • 4
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  • 3
  • 2.5
  • 2
  • 1.5
  • 1
  • 0.5

178 total

Life on manga

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  • 0 Days
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Manga ratings

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  • 3.5
  • 3
  • 2.5
  • 2
  • 1.5
  • 1
  • 0.5

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sakuramemories Sep 23, 2018


yeah.. well anime amino is more or less like discord.. but idk.. ppl say discord is better.. well for me amino is a bit better. lol

well i'm glad that u liked the video. man at arms is really a great show when it comes to making real life anime weapons XD

maybe my hype is years too late but still i reallyx3 love it <3

well.. hit me up if u ever join anime amino :3

bye now!

sakuramemories Sep 12, 2018


woah.. u really know a lot about japanese katana.. well u might be interested in this. thats  the link if u cant view it..

well personally for me..anime amino is better.. i mean if u're looking for otaku friends.. thats the place where u can truly be ur otaku self lol.

sayonaraaaa ttyl :3

sakuramemories Sep 8, 2018

Hi again...

well about my background image.. i dont really know which anime character or is it just a fan art.

i just googled it btw. lol.

well are u on anime amino? i'm pretty active there than on this site.

ttyl :3

TwirlipOfTheSlothrop Sep 4, 2018

Hey man, thanks for letting me know about this place.  I hope I can find some good recommendations here.

AstroAnimu Aug 29, 2018

Thats a lot of bio