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So, it's time I wrote something for my bio. For those who just stumbled here, here's a bit about me; for those who are curious enough to read on, here's something about me; and for those who want to know me, here's a bit of me :)

A bit about me

I first started watching anime about three and half years ago. At first I stuck to genres that I found cool but over the years I've become rather indiscriminate, which is great for exploration. Like the rest of you, I love anime and manga! Here are some facts to give you a full picture of me (and if you can't see a full picture then I'm afraid you'll have to read on/comment...)

1. I'm a serial binge-watcher/reader.

2. I'm a guy: black hair, reasonable height (taller than Hinata :P , no seriously I'm average height)

3. I'm currently studying at uni (a place that's like Hogwarts without the magic)

4. I live in London (I'm not cheating right 'cause my location kind of tells you this already...)

5. I'm trying to escape nocturnalism.


Something about me

I think I'm quite a cheerful guy; imagine Kise (come on, you need to have watched Kuroko no Basuke - if you haven't then stop reading and just go and watch it :P ) but a little less tall and without the blonde hair or the ear-piercing. I'm quite the sporty type and I play almost any sport...I even tried out Volleyball after watching Haikyuu but unfortunately my vertical jump isn't quite 1 metre...

I also play the violin but, yeah, I'm not very good; well, you know, like I can play but I'm too lazy to practise xD

Reading is great fun and I used to be an avid fan of various fiction (Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Eragon) and classics (this is super nerdy but Jane Austen is [long, slow, and has a completely predictable romance plot] a good read). Oh and The Time Traveller's Wife is an all-time favourite of mine. 

I love video games. If my parents didn't stop me, I think I would have become addicted by now.

Here's some of my favourite anime (...because I want a break from typing)

 A bit of me

 So, I think I should first thank anyone who has bothered reading to here. I appreciate you appreciating my appreciation :P No, in all seriousness, I do thank those of you who have bothered to reach this far down the page. Well, I also thank those who just skipped down to the comments section or just clicked follow without strolling down whatsoever but, you know, the level of thanking is obviously different xD

Sometimes we look in the wrong place for what we seek and what we wish for is simply behind us; sometimes we run even though we mean only to walk; sometimes I think to myself that I want to do more.

Pleasure to meet you all! 




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LunarGerbera Jan 2, 2017

Haha, that's so sweet :D.

Oh, so you'll have to wait until then. We have snow even in October sometimes here. And now it's sooooo cold! T.T

Oh, I feel you. I've been an insomniac since I was a little. But who needs sleep, right? There's A LOT of brain activity at night. Haha, yeees! ^.^ I hope you'll get a clear sky in a place withou artificial lights. That's when you see them the best <3.

Haha, I was waking up like that too. But when you're in holiday you get to sleep a lot more, right? Oh, for the hottest days I always keep cold water supplies with me :)).

Well yes, of course I remember them. I just choose not to let them influence me to much. I put them in a drawer and go on with my life :D. My birthday is in February :)). Two days after the day when people buy the most heartsy stuff on the market :)). When is your birthday? Random is great.^.^

I'll watch them! Now that I stay in bed with a cold I'll surely have time to watch lots of stuff. The BBT it's really funny, I think you'll love Sheldon. I've only seen Sherlock Holmes on TV a little but it really seems fun. Gotta update my TV series to-watch list.:D I'm pretty confident that we can choose our own path! That's what my rational side says. :)) Being in a matrix would be awful. From my vague memories, yes. :))

Weeeell, I've watched it like two years ago. So I only remember their design. And it's pretty :)). Maybe it's just that I'm a bit attracted to peculiar stuff *coughs, a bit*.

Hahaha. You got to do some cooking training :)). I feel the same way with my paintings sometimes. But it doesn't matter how much time did it take when you have a beautiful result :3. You can hear me here. It's not the best but... oh, well *wraps herself into a futon*.

Exaaaaaactly!! It's Norway :3!

Hihi. It was really fun. It's been some time since I've laughed and danced so much. I couldn't get a wink of sleep all night because a cat was making creepy noises so I stayed awake with a few friends having interesting sleepy conversations :)). How was your night?

I found myself in her when I was watching the series ^^. Haha, a male version of her sounds great :D. Did you try The Sorting Hat? I'm a Ravenclaw.

I heard that it has a terrible ending. I'm only on episode 6 still. I'll strenghten my heart and finish it! After watching Orange I am now immune! *who's kidding?* It already makes my heart ache. I didn't get to that part from the picture but I kinda found myself in it and I really like Kaori, she's so warm even though it's all heart-wrenching at the same time. >.<

FullmetalDragon Jan 1, 2017



Hope you have a great 2017! 

Dracarys20 Dec 31, 2016

I also loved Takao! That guy is so funny! I laughed when Midorima was sitting in a cart being pulled by Takao! At first i was impressed at how his eagle eye worked and thought he wud be a very serious character but nope!! 

Murasaki hmm he just loves to eat... hahahaha nothing much to say about him. I did like his blocks though. He's so huge!

I'm an office person hehe. I work as Sample Coordinator in the textile Industry and i'm studying Marketing^^


My top 10 is :


2-Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu

3-Boku Dake Ga Inai Machi

4-Durarara!!X2 Ketsu


6-Sakamoto Desu Ga?


8-91 Days 


10-Boku No Hero Academia

There are more anime but those 10 stood out the most to me.

Also i wish u a very Happy New Year! Hope 2017 will be good for u^^ Let's make progress hahaha even if we such lazy people!:P

LunarGerbera Dec 31, 2016

Haha :)). Well, now I'm curious :P.

I think you might need this to make your winters less apathethic (could be a good comercial :)) ). You're so lucky that you fall asleep so easy *.*. I'm a night owl, I kinda have better creative thoughts at night. I love the sounds of the rain too! <3 They really are soothing :3. I remember seeing the Milky Way last summer. It was so amaaaaazing >.<.

But I like summer too :3. Waking up and looking at the sunshine, I feel a lot more energized in the summer ^.^. And the night sky is clearer and the weather is warm and chilly at the same time. It's lovely.

It really is interesting! Going into the depths of all our actions and sayings. Haha, it's really hard to upset me but even when I am I can never stay mad at someone for too long. :D

I've never watched Star Trek and neither Interstellar o.O. Maybe once I'll do a marathon :)). Although I've learned pretty much about Star Trek from The Big Bang Theory :">. Well, when someone from the real world (what's real?:)) ) comes with evidence it's easier to believe. I'm questioning our free will lots of times. I think our choice, like every choice, leads us to some results, even though we're so little. But sometimes I feel like I'm in a matrix. Have you seen The butterfly effect? ^_^

Hahaha. Thanks. :))

*blushing* Well, yes, I like the song so so much but never got the time or mood or I don't know, to watch it until yesterday. I've only seen a few episodes so far but it's really great! But I liked those creepy dolls : -< :)).

You could get a cauldron and make a Super Helper! If it's made with passion I'm sure it will be an amazing story!! I did sing a few times at midnight. Sadly, I didn't bother anyone.

Haha, It's a lovely place. Born and raised here, sir! :)) And thank you, I've still got a long way to go to make it more fluent, especially when I talk to someone face-to-face. I get very nervous sometimes :)). I want to visit Norway so muuuch! >.<

Posters may be a little too conventional But, New year, new ideas :D.

I love that sculpture. <3

Well, now I'm off to the "super not so fancy peculiar New Year's Eve party"! ^.^

I hope you'll have fun tonight! And oh, Happy New Year! :3