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So, it's time I wrote something for my bio. For those who just stumbled here, here's a bit about me; for those who are curious enough to read on, here's something about me; and for those who want to know me, here's a bit of me :)

A bit about me

I first started watching anime about three and half years ago. At first I stuck to genres that I found cool but over the years I've become rather indiscriminate, which is great for exploration. Like the rest of you, I love anime and manga! Here are some facts to give you a full picture of me (and if you can't see a full picture then I'm afraid you'll have to read on/comment...)

1. I'm a serial binge-watcher/reader.

2. I'm a guy: black hair, reasonable height (taller than Hinata :P , no seriously I'm average height)

3. I'm currently studying at uni (a place that's like Hogwarts without the magic)

4. I live in London (I'm not cheating right 'cause my location kind of tells you this already...)

5. I'm trying to escape nocturnalism.


Something about me

I think I'm quite a cheerful guy; imagine Kise (come on, you need to have watched Kuroko no Basuke - if you haven't then stop reading and just go and watch it :P ) but a little less tall and without the blonde hair or the ear-piercing. I'm quite the sporty type and I play almost any sport...I even tried out Volleyball after watching Haikyuu but unfortunately my vertical jump isn't quite 1 metre...

I also play the violin but, yeah, I'm not very good; well, you know, like I can play but I'm too lazy to practise xD

Reading is great fun and I used to be an avid fan of various fiction (Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Eragon) and classics (this is super nerdy but Jane Austen is [long, slow, and has a completely predictable romance plot] a good read). Oh and The Time Traveller's Wife is an all-time favourite of mine. 

I love video games. If my parents didn't stop me, I think I would have become addicted by now.

Here's some of my favourite anime (...because I want a break from typing)

 A bit of me

 So, I think I should first thank anyone who has bothered reading to here. I appreciate you appreciating my appreciation :P No, in all seriousness, I do thank those of you who have bothered to reach this far down the page. Well, I also thank those who just skipped down to the comments section or just clicked follow without strolling down whatsoever but, you know, the level of thanking is obviously different xD

Sometimes we look in the wrong place for what we seek and what we wish for is simply behind us; sometimes we run even though we mean only to walk; sometimes I think to myself that I want to do more.

Pleasure to meet you all! 




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LunarGerbera Jan 5, 2017

Yes, sha handled it very well. She made a great unplanned show :)).

Oh, my. I really nedeed a good laugh :))). 

For now I think I'll just make some more tea drink even more water and put a cold compress on my forehead. No signs of sleep so I'm watching Star vs. The Forces of Evil and my mind is like this. I took some pills but umm.. don't feel any lethargy :)).

Netherlaaaaands. This is so cool!! *.* I'm sure you've had some great experienceeees! Then you can always travel and eat some good food even if you can't cook, hehe ^.^. I would like to travel the whooooooole world and experience and learn a lot of new things. If I were to choose, hmm. I think India, Japan, Norway and France. Russia too. And England, my sister told me a lot about it :D. Basically, I would go anywhere. The destination doesn't matter really that much :D.

I'll ask my venusian friends to give you a little antena so that you'll have superpowers too! Haha, yes it was pretty fun. We tried to break the routine once in a while. It was pretty funny when you would've found your match :)). Now that you said that, I can really imagine an anime like that too. :)) 

I never thought it would be a high limit. *sorry, Tim*. And ironically I don't really like horror movies. They don't attract me that much. I just like peculiar stuff done well :D. I like the word peculiar. It sounds nice. :-"

Yeees, the food gets even more enjoyable. I watched my mother cooking a lot when I was little and I've stolen some secret from her :-". I can take spiciness so so. I'm always careful to measurements. And I love ginger tea :3. I think it cries from both :)). I can't take fast food or too greasy food. Oriental cuisine is really delicious. I think the best think I ever ate was in a Chinese restaurant. Italian food is good too, especially when you want to do something fast and delicious. 

Oh, I never knew how that song was called.*shame on me* I'd like to hear you singing ^.^. I think I was playing like 4-5 hours a day... :)) Those hours left some traumas. I call it passion! *says the optimistic side* Maybe you will try someday piano too ^.^. I was spying on my cousin while he was playing it and learned a few things.

Haha :))). Yes, everyone opens up but everything sounds so cliche. That's why I usually hang out with the guys. I was born a tomboy fairy. We usually hold them in a little museum in a tower or in a lovely workshop. 

I guess cheekiness is a better word :)).

Crying is good ^.^. Let those emotions flow! Haha. I think when I first saw the cover art I was like "this looks magical!!!" *sparkly eyes* I love it sosososo much. A second season would be wonderful *.*

:)) I did not expect that. Keep going on with it! Ahh, I know what you're saying :-<. I did play handball in school. Now I'm usually doing yoga, sometimes aerobic and I'm dancing a lot :)). On my own or at festivals or concerts. 

Hehe, exactly, especially when it has only 12 episodes or so.

I did have dye my hair in lots of colours along the years :)) I'm keeping it natural for a while :)).

Ohh. I did not receive anything.:-< I have a photo with a kind of a 3D effect.

LunarGerbera Jan 4, 2017

Oh, oh! And did you watch this video? It's really nice: https://vimeo.com/197302415. 

LunarGerbera Jan 4, 2017

Little by little you'll get there! ^.^

Oops, I giggled >.<. Buuuut! The intention is important.

Well, I've been coughing and sneezing and my temperature went up and down a lot so I think I was finally asleep at 4 I think. Or maybe I was too exhausted. That's the best moment when you should sleep :). Yep, never been T.T. Have you ever been abroad? 

Haha :)).

Oh, so you don't have superpowers :-<. But it's very nice paying attention to people ^.^. Well, I got those cupcakes after I sang at a little recital from some classmates :)). Oh, but once when I was in highschool our seniors made some paper hearts and split them in two. And everyone of us received one half and we had to find the person with the matching half in the whole school. Haha, random memory. Yes, it really seems like a big thing in Japan. Hehe, after I sent you the comment I was thinking that it would be a little before or after Halloween. So, kinda close >:).

I only get the flu on Earth, so I have to treat myself with Earth stuff. Yeees. I kind of miss those movies now.

It's a subjective limit :)). Maybe Tim Burton influenced me too much :)).

I love cooking and eating with lovely people. Well, I don't go by recipe too often. I like to try different flavors but I try to make everything as healthy as it can be. Lately I'm into indian food and spices. I tend to eat anything as long as it doesn't make my stomach cry >.<. What food do you like? Then you have one more reason to do it :)).

I agree! I hope you'll start to practise violin again sometime :3. Or I could do like Kaori and haunt you with music sheets. Once I'll get my hands on a violin I'll try ^^. I did play the guitar for a while until I got tendonitis. And I play melodica a little and piano by ear. But I'm planning to start studying piano with a professor as soon as I'll get a piano :3. 

Haha :)). Those sleepy talks that girls have tend to be pretty boring >.<. Not always, but usually they are. Yes, an art exhibition. We gather some friends who like to do any artsy stuff, we choose a theme and make an exhibition every year. It is great, indeed ^.^

Haha :)). I sense a bit of Ravenclaw in you but I feel like you are more daring. I think daring is the word :-?.

It is heartbreaking. Especially when there are so many episode. It really is not a bad ending. There is an emotional roller-coaster but at least it lets you breathe peacefully when you're done with it. :D I like Your lie's OP too ^^. Haha, I love everything about No game no life ^.^!!

:)) People who see them say that they are cute. And sad and deep. But there are kind of happy drawings too. So I guess it's balanced :)). But at least you release it somehow. And I think exercise is one of the best thing to do when you're feeling down. I tried badminton once. I could barely hold the racquet so I applaud you!

That binge doesn't really happen that often. I guess... Oh, well :)). But when the story is good how can you not do it? Or just shorten the suffering O.O..

That colour changing thing would be so cool. I would never get bored. >.<

LunarGerbera Jan 4, 2017

Haha, ganbatteeee!! (for the next days, 'cause this night has passed ) :))

Haha :)). When something really gets me I transform into a little binge monster. *little*

LunarGerbera Jan 3, 2017

It is funny :)). There shouldn't be any shame in drawing stick men!

:)))) Oh, I just had an image of you near a radiator and day/night cycles.

Good luck on sleeping earlier tonight! :)) I tried to do that too last night mostly because of the flu. But guess who was rolling in bed at 4 a.m. :-". Haha :)). I usually feel like some Oompa-Loompas come to help my brain at night when I can't focus anymore so that I can finish all the stuff. Haha, you should come visit. I've never been to UK.. or any other country... shame on me. But it's not too late!!

I tried for a short period the alarm thing. :)) Cold juice is good too. Especially the homemade one :3.

It is crazy :)). What kind of guru are you? :O I did once get some cupcakes before my birthday if it counts :)). And then the gift for my birthday. Somewhere between the end of summer and sometime in autumn? (My medium powers are off today >.<)

Hihi ^.^. What syrup is that? :)) I like Sherlock Holmes from the movies and some stories so I'm sure I would like the show as well. :D Haha :))

It depends on the creepiness level of the doll (cute creepy-throw it away creepy) :)). But I don't think that I would keep it in a visible place. And I would question a bit his/her intentions :)). Haha, yeah, it's good.

Haha. Well, my friends say that they really like my cooking. I like to try new ingredients. You could paint a huge stickman.. on a building. :))

Aww. How sweet :)). Yes, that's how venusians look when they get emotional. Oh my, thank youuuu >.< I've never got such a detailed opinion >.<. Well, I have a natural vibrato so my teacher told me to try and tame it. Never listen to your teachers!!

Oh, and I've seen that you are playing the violin. I've always wanted to learn how to play it. It's so BEAUTIFUL! 

Haha :)) wrong assumption! There were girls and guys too. Well, after a lot of them went to sleep we talked about an idea for a new exhibition, funny stories from high school and other things I don't remember until morning.:))

It's nice to spend the holidays with family. It feels cozy :3.

Hihi, I'm glad! *.* Well, she wanted to keep up easier with all those lessons ;)). Haha,  I knew you were a Gryffindor!!:3 

I've just finished watching it earlier... I think I've cried the whole last episode. T.T' I shouldn't have said that about Orange then. It is sad, yes, but it has a nice feel too. I doesn't have bad ending. I do release it through my drawings. I keep a journal for when I'm not feeling too well. And sometimes it turns out to be something beautiful. Sometimes it builds up, bad habit. But I always manage to get through it ^.^ And I have lovely people around. :D

And yes, I do have Skype.