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seikaembrace Apr 9, 2012

Haven't found chapter 22 to read it yet! Where did you find it? Send link plz =]

seikaembrace Apr 9, 2012

I started Otoyomegatari not long ago but  is one of my favourite manga I must say! Have you read the new chapter? The twins are so cute, but I need more development between the new couples, except the main couple ofc =D

SgtSergio786 Jan 7, 2012

Been following your blog for a while, and I finally sat and watched colorful based on your praise of it. It moved me very much. Might just be one of my new faves. Thanks for that!!!

SinTheory Oct 11, 2011

So i went to the users section of the website, and it seems you were the random person they gave me. So i just dropped by, and wanted to say hey, hows it going?

VulturEMaN Dec 10, 2009

I'll be checking out Potemayo for sure! I read through the description and it sounds like something that I would try to watch.

There are some genres that I don't want to watch anymore (Magical Girl, for example) that I've already got my fill in life with those genres. Because of that, my Will Not Watch list is gigantic (about 1/3 of the anime on the site). But like I said, Potemayo sounds like an enjoyable series and I'll tackle it as soon as I'm done with Petopeto and 2 OVAs (I'll watch it at the same time with Fist of the North Star, cause I'll definitely need something fun and relaxing to watch).