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Itochan60 Sep 12, 2012

Solid review on Otoyomegatari! Props!

Clannadia Sep 12, 2012

Hey thanks for the comment. I recommend Toward the Terra for the same type of depth in a story although they are completely different in style and substance.

I really like to read your Lost in america blog. I find it really well written and insightful. keep up the good job =)

AirCommodore Apr 22, 2012

Definitely. I cried, and was so glad that it didn't have the devastating ending that I was steeling myself for since the midway~ point.

seikaembrace Apr 12, 2012

I see, only in Manga Traders is published every month, 'cos most sites publish it whenever they remember its existance -.-

seikaembrace Apr 12, 2012

Thank you! =] So, I'm really excited to see their marriage now! Can't wait for the next chapter...Do you know if they publish it regularly or not?