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What a bloody waste of a time. Yet another story about a gamer, who cannot live without mobile games; he can simultaneously play several mobile games and that is pretty much everything he has achieved in life. One day, he gets isekai’d God knows where and God knows why. The story does not give too much of explanation in that regard. ‘Yeah, I might have died in real life; whatever.’

Obviously, just like in any isekai, our incel of a protagonist immediately gets God tier skills, a few chicks with a possible hint of a harem and many many more. While I will not hide the fact that this manga did have a good start, later on it just cannot get rid of all the clichés and just sinks in them. Honestly, it is not worth it. The whole story could have been told in 20 chapters, other 120+ chapter are nothing but some fanservice and some bloody awful jokes.

All in all, great for the fans of losers who become overpowered in a new world. However, if you are looking for something better than that, hell no do you want to read this mistake.

?/10 story
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2/10 overall
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