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The story for me was lacking, even though there were some interesting reveals in the first episodes of the season. I didn't like the fact that season 1 opened and closed with so many misteries and questions, and I sincerely though everything was going to be cleared up in season 2 but I was dissapointed. As I said earlier, there were some early reveals in the season but it took almost 6 episodes to get me a little bit hang up on the story since they lost my attention with all the gloomy and insensitive scenes in the opnening episodes themselves. 


There's little complain over the animaton of this season because they mantained the animation of season 1 for the most part and season one's animation was great all along.


The sound was lacking just like in season 1, fight scenes had little to know memorable sound and the scenes at the bar were really borring music wise.


The characters were not developed at all with the exception of Dazai and Sakunosuke. Secondary characters were rarely shown and most character development they tried to implement in this season felt like a whole lot of filler.


I think the idea of humans with strange abilities form a group to protect those who don't have them is overused, but I have never doubted that there have been many shows that excelled in bringing this concept to fruition. So anytime a show with this synopsis comes out, I will try and give it a chance. Sadly, Bungou Stray Dogs dissapointed me a little, I really don´t know if they were saving story material for later seasons of for fans to move to it's source matewrial (Manga/Light Novel) but I personally dispised that. BONES didn't dissapoint with the animation, but the Bungou Project is long dead for me because they failed at the most important point in an anime series "Atratcting the viewer". Attracting the viewer means that whwenever you finish watching one episode, you imediately want to watch the next one, and then the next one and so on until you finish it. Shows that excell at this have people loving their stories, memorable characters are born from this shows and Bungou Stray Dogs was defenitely not in that group.

Hope you liked my first review ever in AnimePlanet.

4/10 story
6/10 animation
3/10 sound
3/10 characters
4/10 overall
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