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Fully Adapted to Anime

This is a list of manga & novels thats content has been fully adapted into anime form. They may have missed out the odd arc or side story during the adaption (which is extremely common) but they still adapted the main story faithfully otherwise to the end. The List is not limited to Original Source Material and will include entries which their story content have been "fully" adapted. Comment below any missing.


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OagnwstosX Aug 27, 2021

Thanks a lot for this list (as well as many others that you have create). It is really useful for those who read both manga and watch animes. To me it's useful because I don't want to read the manga of an anime (and vice versa) if it's exactly the same content.

bedriyebetul Jun 17, 2021

Thanks for the list. It doesn't include No.6, and Umibe No Etranger.

Adampk Mar 1, 2021

Planetes, Blood Blockade Battlefront, Itazura na kiss, Yawara, Real girl, High score girl, erased, devilman crybaby, major, ace of diamond, Laughing Under the Clouds, Rainbow,kokkoku etc. These are the ones which are not in this list There are probably more completed anime which i dont remember now, I go through my anime to remember

CC10 Jul 12, 2020

Really, no Zero no Tsukaima?

It's one of very few isekai stories fully adapted into anime, and a well known one at that. The original author of the light novels died while working on the series, but they managed to finish it using his notes. And the anime covers the entire story in 4 seasons, with probably not too much details left out.

GrizzlySigma Apr 16, 2020

I think there are some that skipped some chapters (mostly short middle stories), am I wrong? I know it may be difficult to check