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These Anime focus on members of an Agency, they may be a Private or Government Agency that works in the limelight of the public or in the deepest darkest shadows performing their role in the world. Agencies focus on doing work...

A list of Renta

My Renta Project of Suffering

Anime Characters i did

List of Anime Entries where i worked on the entries listed characters. If Listed as DONE, it means i did/redid everything (added/replaced images, decided roles and added anyone missing). Ordered by Date, oldest to most...

Humans no longer Human

These mangas feature the protagonist transforming, reincarnating or though another medium losing their humanity and becoming something else. (This does not include spoilers, only mangas that include it from the start.)

Manga Characters i did

List of Manga where i have added characters / done images for. Images from their respective anime adaptions were not by me, unless stated in the anime's done by me list. If Listed as DONE, it means i either redid or added images...