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Adventurer's Adventures!

These manga tell the stories of adventurers. From isekai victims to natural-born otherworlders, these adventurers are employed at guilds to complete dangerous missions such as quests, conquer dungeons or save the world. Some do...


These Anime focus on members of an Agency, they may be a Private or Government Agency that works in the limelight of the public or in the deepest darkest shadows performing their role in the world. Agencies focus on doing work...

A list of Renta

My Renta Project of Suffering

Anime Adaption Predictions (And if they got them)

A list of manga and novels that i expect/predicted would get an anime adaption at some point and if they did. Correct Predictions are below Current Predictions. If i lose faith it will happen, it gets removed from the list...

Anime Characters i did

List of Anime Entries where i worked on the entries listed characters. If Listed as DONE, it means i did/redid everything (added/replaced images, decided roles and added anyone missing). Ordered by Date, oldest to most...