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Adventurer's Adventures!

These manga tell the stories of adventurers. From isekai victims to natural-born otherworlders, these adventurers are employed at guilds to complete dangerous missions such as quests, conquer dungeons or save the world. Some do...

After the Isekai

These manga and light novel's feature characters who have returned from the isekai and their attempts to reintegrate back into normal society...

A list of Renta

My Renta Project of Suffering

Anime i need to buy

title says it all, specifically blu rays, collectors editions if possible


A-TEAM is a group of creators led by Shoutarou MIZUKI. Several writers and artists belong to A-TEAM. The group's catchphrase is "the easiest group of creators in Japan to ask for work".

Best Ecchi Manga

A list of the Lewdest Ecchi Manga that aren't just fap material and have a good balance of plot and visuals!

British English Dubbed Anime

Anime Dubbed by us, the British, in the superior language of British English. Some anime in this list were also dubbed into American English seperately.