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CabbageshitSama Mar 3, 2018

My child. I have arrived!!!!!!!!!

CrowWolf Feb 8, 2018

o hey thats cool! i really like to play left 4 dead on steam. although i have left 4 dead 2 only right now . they have alot of anime mods and stuff thats cool and fun right now for anyone to play with and sort of funny. imagine fighting a endless horde of telly tub E's instead of zombies. or cats? i dont know. just throwing it out there it is still a relevant and fun multiplayer game. my computer is kind of older. im hoping to upgrade this year and get a VR compatible system. i dont know. i thought you were really cool and i kinda looked over the anime you liked.... im sorry. i wanna watch some of the anime you like and give it a try.  im jelly or envious however you say it. i like your taste :)

maybe we could play some video games together someday? id like that. video games can be fun. but right now all i have is l4d2 and counterstrike source., 

CrowWolf Feb 7, 2018

so do you play any pc games at all? or are you a console gamer.

CrowWolf Jan 26, 2018

holy molly gosh youve watched a bunch of anime! :)

TheAnimeBiker Jan 21, 2018
i do have it in my want to watch list but u know