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disabar Jan 14, 2018

Hey sorry for the late reply. I usually follow through with an anime if I am really interested in it lol thats why they are either really good or really bad. But its a drag trying to watch the animes I dropped lol I'll try tho. Problem Children Are Coming From Another World, Aren't They? was amazing. 

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You might enjoy the following,

Air Gear

AOKANA: Four Rhythm Across the Blue

haikyuu (Sports anime idk if you like them but still worth the shot)

Laughing Under the Clouds

Nura: Rise of the Youkai Clan (favorite anime of all time)


AnnaSartin Jan 5, 2018

Here's an automatic email for you, Grizz! ^_^

TheAnimeBaker Dec 11, 2017

well that took some time did it not 

? XD im still meaning to watch it 

-Formaly known as [SC269] L.Wild 

TheAnimeBaker Dec 11, 2017

Slow down on the Noucome 

disabar Dec 5, 2017

Hey do u have any recommendations on any good anime? Im all caught up with mine, and am kinda bored!! :)