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CorlorlessRose Dec 30, 2019

I was your secret Santa by the way. I'm sorry I didn't tell you sooner my laptop broke so I have not been on much.

Jet Oct 30, 2019

  Heya. Daym, you've managed to watch so much in a mere 5years. And read a whole lot as well. Aren't messing around, arentcha? Can't seem to find your tops though, hm. Anyway, gj! Guess, there aren't much time left for all of the other media like cinema or traditional literature. Those banners are kinda neat, btw. Thinking of stealing the countries one lol.

Daisuki Sep 18, 2019

Hi! Ah, it's true that I don't watch many Ecchi series, but I don't mind watching both Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress and Highschool of the Dead. Thank you for the information though! (≧∇≦)/