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Yo! The name is Celeste but my friends call me Cj! I write fanfiction, watch anime (Duh~), rarely read manga online unless it's yaoi<3, love to talk, and I am random! It's true o-o. I can also make almost any word into something dirty -o-;; I hang out with too many boys (facepalm).

Uhh..I don't know what else to say >o<;;


Well if you want to know anything just comment me! :D

The best I can say is..I love 2PM ^O^


That is all~

Favorite yaoi couples in KHR;







Favorite yaoi couples in Ao no/Blue Exorcist;

Coming soon~


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RingoStarr1991 Oct 1, 2011

Hola how have things been going? Even though I have been really busy with school someone told me I had to watch this anime called Steins;Gate over the weekend. I just finished it and its amazing you should definitely have to give it a try if you like anime like Death Note and The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya.

shatnershaman Sep 22, 2011

I say rin and yukio cause you can nevar go wrong with t(win)cest!

ItsumoHitori Aug 31, 2011

Glad it has that effect! :D


I tried guessing but I know I'm far off, who's in your profile picture?

AlinaRawrz Aug 25, 2011

Aww Im sad to hear your grounded D:  but anime does keep you busy if you have nothing to do :o

Hmm Pairings for Ao no exorcist ... Well Yaoi is cute ^^ but for this one anime i would say Rin x Shiemi  Thats about it x)

Ah yes sometimes i look at animes and im like Hmm.. It looks so interesting but im just too lazy to get into it D:

Oh and i noticed that you have a cute gray as your profile picture :D Do you watch Fairy tail as well x3?

Fu Fu Fuu ~ ^-^

jashan92 Aug 22, 2011

okay CJ it is. but whats so bad about people thinking your an angel?? it's a nice name. i once knew thi person who's name was actually princess :o imagine that you call out to that person and be like 'hey princess how;s it going.' ahahah it's cool in a funny way :)

and go and watch fairy tail it's an awesome show :O and gray is cool. I think he's one of my favorite characters in that. funny how he always strips :p and i have read the manga for that but i'm just not a manga reader. i just read a bit when they were doing some fillers and i had to wait a week till the next episode.

Nurarihyon is cool too. i haven't had much time so i'm still on seson one. but i'm not in a hurry to finish it cause i know i still got season 2 once i'm done. and i don't want to catch up to quickly that i'll have to wait till the next episode comes out every week -.- hate doing that. it does have me hooked in a weird way too that i can't exactly explain........ :p

i have my moments where the real girl inside me kinda kicks in. but other then that i'm not always that preppy. but i am usually in a good mood. i think it depends on who i'm around. ^_^

k so i went and youtubed 2pm. they are good :D i don`t listen to alot of music that isn`t english :p so thats why i don`t know them. but oh i have listend to taeyang and i think he's really good.

Canda is great especially in some parts. i"m in a part that isn't that exciting just a normal neighbourhood that doens't even have a lot of things to do. Me and my firends find it so hard to go out togehter somehwere cause ther's nowhere good to go.

my catch phrase doesn't even have to be 'oh my jashin' i could just be like 'on my me' ahahahhah okay and have you seen the chat function before. you should use it, sooo much easier then writing on eachothers wall. and go join #ourroom i have a few frinds there that you'll probably enjoy talking to :D