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I love anime, ninja's, vampiers, and blood...<3 thats all you need to know.


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HikaruTenshi Sep 27, 2009



midnightphoenix Jul 1, 2009

Dont expect much from Trinity Blood because it was never finished, youll want more but it wont be there. Witchblade, and Vandread are good, and Witch Hunter Robin is good if you can stick with it until it stops being slow. Ah! My Goddess and Chrono Crusade are good too.

Firenixzus Apr 27, 2009

Well it hard to rec something if i don't know what kinda of Shows u like.. but what i can tell from ur Watched list i'll try to see if i can't find something..


This are for some action

Trinity Blood


Witch Hunter Robin



And for the soft side:

Ah! My Goddess shows

Ai Yori Aoshi shows

Chrno Crusade

Full Metal Panic! shows, tho there are some action too in this one ;P


But theres alot more recommendations where that came from ;P Try have a look on my top 5 or Watched list.. Well or just ask agian for more :P eighter just fine with me..

miki Apr 27, 2009

i guess i can try.


miki Apr 27, 2009

i never really thaught u would reply.

but anyhow i meant both though i have not

heard of some but still cool.:)