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Hey lovely people!

Feel free to follow me, I eventually follow back everyone.

You can always reach me at: [email protected]


Few things about me:

I'm not crazy for slice-of-life, and I find anime comedy usually pretty drab and boring. No harem, little shonen. I appreciate juicy fight-scenes and deep, dramatic narratives however; and I'm sick and tired of wimpy main characters.

My favorites are: Shigeki no Kyojin, Death Note, Madoka Magica, Re:Zero, Made in Abyss, Jujutsu Kaisen, Kimetsu no Yaiba... etc.

Favorite shows: Vikings, Peaky Blinders, Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul (mainly from season 4), The Witcher, The Bois....

Favorite movies: Old Boy (2003), Joker, Fight Club, God Father (the first is best), Hereditary, The House that Jack Built, and basically everything from Tarantino.

I have a long history with video games too, although I don't play much anymore. I prefer League and Minecraft when I do.

I read a lot, especially lately. I've read some of the classics, and I - in general - prefer older books. I'd say my current favorite is The Master and Margarita (read it twice), and I'm reading a lot of Henry James after watching The Haunting of Bly Manor. I'm also in for religious books and teachings, I like to read the Upanishads, the Tripitaka, the Rigveda. Can't say I understand most of it, but It's pretty. I read the Yoga Sutra currently.

I have a great passion for being outside and talking to people, but there ain't that many around me right now. I tend to like everyone, I like to talk, and I like to hug people which is not always appreciated. If you want to message me, please do, you are welcome. If you don't find me here, please write to my email, even if I don't know you.

I'm passionate for writing. Short-stories, contemplations, some fantasy. I want to eventually travel the world, live in many countries for a couple of months, and write down everything. I might even start a YouTube channel on that, who knows.

My hobby is language-learning. It's a great way to use up my mental energy and do something rewarding. I'm learning German and (very early stage) Russian, and the Devanagari system to understand Sanskrit scriptures. I plan to learn Japanese, Spanish, French, Italian, most north-European languages similar to English and German, Korean, and many more.

That's all, have a lovely day.

                                                                                                                                                                                                     Last Update: 2022. 06. 04

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Watam0te Jun 28, 2022

You're welcome ☺️ 

AquamarineGem Jun 28, 2022

Thanks for the follow back! It's nice to meet you!

Lavender4747 Jun 28, 2022

good good, how about you??

Curiousmadra Jun 27, 2022

Hi thanks for the follow I did the same!

redjello08 Jun 24, 2022

hello, no problem thanks for following me back