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Jun 10, 2019

There are two very different parts to this series. The first part is good, it checks alot of boxes. its got an interesting premise about some group of people fighting inhuman monsters, a very common plotline, but it becomes more zesty with the introduction of people who have become these monsters but retain some of their humanity. Sometimes the humans with work with a nonhuman, sometimes they will hunt others, the human group has a lot of opinions, and this is where most of the narrative tension and character drama comes from. the characters are well developed and fights will mean something to their development and relationships. its exciting to see characters from the different sides interact unknowingly, and your left wishing they could sit down and understand each other. 

The other 12 episodes throws all that away and what remains is a steaming pile of garbage. meetings between the two sides and character relationships the first 12 episodes built up to are drowned out in a sea of unnessecary backstory and new characters i struggled to give a damn about. theyll give a new major character 10 mintues of screen time, pull some thiry second tragic backstory out of their asses before some important event and call it character development. The new characters would be tolerable if they delivered on what the first section set up, but instead character conflicts are solved with 10 mintues or more of backstory and a speech that was out of character in the first place. I dont know the state of the manga or whatever this was based on, but this smells like the show got way ahead of it.

Besides that:

the animation could definitely use some work, lots of crap cgi and the character design of a Lego transformers instruction booklet

Plot is driven by the characters pretty well in the first 12 eps, but falls apart with everything else

A few Weird silent mintues that really could have used music

The author is very willing to kill off big characters, sometimes for shock value so be warned

Overall, if you like stories told from both sides, watch this, its good, but the rest of it isnt worth the time

5/10 story
4/10 animation
6/10 sound
5/10 characters
5/10 overall
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