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PrefectFord Mar 31, 2014

Thanks! I'm excited about finding the site!

Ariene Mar 30, 2014

Thanks for sharing ^.^

I've already seen Kanon and it was very nice and sad, like every anime from Key.

Frankly I don't like vampires, but I can make an exception for Karin if it isn't something similiar to Vampire Knight. I've seen 2 episodes and I didn't like it :/

Lyokolyn Mar 29, 2014

Thanks. Oh, about being different from people your age, you're not alone.

Ariene Mar 29, 2014

Hi and thanks :)

Nice profile ^^ You watched so many anime, just congratulations xD

Can you recommend some?

endertreewolf Mar 28, 2014

hai, thank you for welcoming me