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Jet Sep 6, 2020

 I watched it in the 00s, you didn't check my list apparently :d. But yeah, a unique memorable piece indeed! Was dissatisfied with the ending though, I think. Interesting that I managed to find Neko machi translated recently. A show I wanted to watch back in 06 or 07, but couldn't and it reminded of Galactic railway so much.

 So how do you find Japan after...years of living there, it seems? I heard it's absurdly expensive. Even more so, than Singapore. A curious place to move to. Do you translate anything btw? I got a list of stalled stuff here that I compiled 15years ago by now and none of it is available still xDD. Need to learn japanese myself, it seems.

 Wish, I had any ties. Would serve a proper excuse at least. I'm just a lazyass to tell the truth. My country isn't even nice. Lots of dictatorship and all that. Nothing to die for, for sure. But got a place of my own and everything, that I need. Well, pretty much everything. Not enough willpower to go places, I guess sigh.

 I got a visitor from Japan on my counter now! Woo! lol. Do you plan on living there the rest of your life btw?

 Oh, sounds noble, but that greeting stuff died down a while back, I heard.

Jet Sep 6, 2020

How come, you live in Japan? Do you teach there? Is it nicer? Always amazes me how ppl manage to move over to some entirely diff country easily. Lived my entire life in the same place sigh.
 The legendary ultimate chat-ruler, Sianeka, used to write on your profile, wow!

 P.S. the only anime I enjoyed from your list is Grave of the fireflies, damn xD

Nimeziz Dec 26, 2017

hellow also how yur doing.. there?

Nimeziz Oct 11, 2017

Hello, there :)