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Fire Force

Dec 27, 2019

Another show I have mixed feelings about because it does a few things exceptionally well but then balances it out with things that I really dislike. 

The show is presented to us in a very dark tone and it reminds me of Akiyuki Shinbo's work which I really appreciate. Giving firefighters RPG style classes and using demon exorcism to protect humanity is a really great concept that flows quite naturally. 

I just wished the show would have followed a more Berserk style approach, the concept would have been perfect for it but then again, I'm just not a fan of loud obnoxious teenagers screaming nonstop what kind of abilities they're going to use.

The story itself was alright but I do wish the show wouldn't over-explain everything that happens. It's like somebody who enjoys telling jokes but then also takes the time to explain every joke they've told, it really takes away from the whole experience.

Even though there is a lot of visual eye candy, the character design, however, wasn't as impressive. The main group itself isn't too bad but everybody else that we're introduced to just seems extremely goofy and it really takes away from the whole experience.

And then we have Tamaki, all she really brings to the table is to be inappropriately touched and it happens at really awkward times too. I was actually starting to feel bad for her so she's going to receive a pity like from me, the poor girl. 

6/10 story
8/10 animation
6/10 sound
6/10 characters
6/10 overall
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