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The Crimson Lady

Aug 24, 2023

I don't regret having read this. Though I regret not stopping sooner. I got to chapter 48 and have fallen in love with the Dulan character, and the twist that seemed to be based around him. The story seemed to actually be different and have a different ML than what we're all used to (and bored of). If you like Dulan, read further for spoilers, you'll want them I promise.




Dulan is not the ML. Instead the male lead actually is the terribly bland Raymond (aka. Stereotypical male lead). There's a Dulan appreciation post you can look up on r/Otome, in the comments there are thorough spoilers around Dulan's involvement in the story. He gets done so dirty it makes me want to cry. Surprisingly, they made him even more amazing later on, showed that he actually was an all around amazing guy who didn't do things out of spite, but genuine love. And still have him the shaft.

Art is amazing, loved the realistic body proportions.

Characters are pretty good but with drawbacks here and there.

Story... Good twist, bad direction of the twist however. Like they twisted and then untwisted so hard that they snapped their own neck.

Only good for the scenes with Dulan in hindsight. Yeah I simp for him. But honestly? It's the false twist in itself that makes me upset.

4/10 story
10/10 art
6/10 characters
5/10 overall

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