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sothis May 5, 2016

Fixed ^_^

Once we're eventually done with the 'fill in all missing characters' project (which we're FINALLY almost close to being done with, over a year later, for manga - there are so many characters), that'll be easy for users to again suggest changes directly

sothis Mar 27, 2016


Per the below messages sent about it, I've set your Erased review to 'people who visit my profile' since it still is a 'beginning of the series impression' review. Please feel free to change back to 'everyone' once you've updated it to be the full series!

sothis Mar 24, 2016

So mods are now going through and liberally changing reviews to 'people who visit my profile' - I've instructed them to do this for any reviews that are based on the first ep of a seasonal anime (and haven't been updated at this point)

Advance warning, can you update your erased one finally (or any other season ones in the same boat)? else we'll need to switch it to 'profile' for now till it's updated

Bimpy Mar 23, 2016

I see... So did you watched the one I recommended to you ? and if so, what did you think?  :P