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Harukana Receive

Oct 20, 2018

Let's just say this was 'interesting' also this is my first review so let me know if I mess up.


Essentially, Haruka, a tall girl moves in with Kanata and her Grandparents, she then becomes fond of playing beach volleyball after meeting the National Champion pair at the beach. From there, Kanata a former player herself pairs up with Haruka and their aim is to reach Nationals. Not gonna lie, it doesn't sound that interesting, but it was executed fairly well.


Ok, the animation was quite nice and very bright, if it had poor animation then I probably wouldn't have bothered watching it. Also, I liked the character design... for no particular reason.


Sound suited the anime and the OP was ok, but nothing special, it's not something I would download to listen to.


To sum it up, Haruka is way too hyperactive but she got nice tiddies  a nice cheerful character who is really motivated, the friendship between Haruka and Kanata is quite special and you always want to side with them, regardless to who they are playing. Claire and Emily were hot  were really good support characters that helped push the two on their journey.

If you like serious sports anime then don't watch this, just don't. But if you are like me and just happen to enjoy girls playing beach volleyball in bikini more lighthearted ecchi sports anime, then this is for you.

7/10 story
9/10 animation
6/10 sound
9/10 characters
8/10 overall
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